Have you seen my pig?

A little pink stuffed pig. He’s on all fours, and his head is tilted to one side. His name is Beau. He’s from New Orleans. I haven’t seen him in about a week, and I’m afraid he’s gone for good. :frowning:


Check under the bed. At my place everything that could ever be lost ends up under the bed somehow.

I checked the bed. Thing is, he could be just about anywhere. I noticed his absence right after we had the new carpet put in.

Have you checked the airspace over Battersea Power Station?

Good Lord, that’s cruel! :mad:


Which one? Aren’t there three different ones?


Reverend Horton Heat - Nurture My Pig. Awesome rockabilly guitar - hilarious lyrics.

Have you had any bacon lately? Maybe you offended him.

Ok the way I see it, you have a few options. He went to market, or he’s eating roast beef, or he had none, and went out to get some Arby’s…

He’s from New Orleans, so he’s more likely to be rooting for truffles.

I’m on Vancouver Island and I’ll keep my eyes open for him.

Crueler than what? Pretty much any meat you eat is going to involve killing the eatee .

Is there a bump in the new carpet somewhere?

To answer your question, we first have to know what hie is stuffed with. Oops, sorry, i mean with what is he stuffed.

I guess non-hypoallergenic foam.

I didn’t see him at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair today. Mind you, it was the last day of the fair and we didn’t even come close to seeing everything.

He’s not in the laundry room, either.

Didn’t see him at the hardware store. He’s not in the fridge, either. Let me go check the trunk of my car and I’ll get back to you.