Have you "trained" your bladder & bowels?

Inspired by this quote from this thread:

Since my job involves rather involving (if not intensive) interactions with other people, upwards of 4-5 hours at a stretch, I usually don’t have the luxury to go toddling off to the bathroom in the middle. I have learned to hold everything in for at least that long, if not longer, but the instant I get home out come the “urges” to go, and well off I go. To avoid a too-full bladder, I make sure I’ve emptied myself before the next shift starts.


Yep. My bladder alarm goes off the second I get home from work, whenever that is. I can be running 3 hours late and never notice any pressure, but the second the key hits the lock, I’m on borrowed time until I pee.

My body is trained to poo first thing in the morning. Other than that I’ve learned how to manage my bladder. A few years ago my job involved being cooped up in a small aeroplane with no toilet for 4 to 6 hours. Not only that but it was also in a hot climate so you sweat and get thirsty and need to drink a lot of water. I quickly discovered that you MUST go before you fly, even if you don’t really need to, then limit water intake until about the last hour of flight. Even then there have been a couple of times where I’ve been absolutely busting. I’v never had to resort to using an empty water bottle in front of other crew members though.

One weekend a month, two weeks a year.
Just like the National Guard.

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Used to have myself trained that way at school, as teachers wouldn’t let us go to the bathroom during class, and between classes there wasn’t enough time. Lately I’ve been back to needing to go every couple of hours.

BTW, I was always taught that holding it in wasn’t really that healthy. Everyone freaked out when they found out I didn’t go all day. Apparently they MADE time to go, even if it meant making the teachers upset, getting tardies, or missing lunch. (With my having to fix the computers in computer lab, I often barely had time to get lunch before the line was closed.)

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I used to get up to urinate during the night, but because I suffer from chronic fatigue, I bought a book on how to improve my energy. One thing it said was that unless you have prostate problems, you really don’t have to get up during the night to urinate. When you wake up, simply tell yourself: night time if for sleeping, day time is for peeing.

I’ll be darned, but it worked for me within days. I have shared this with many people and mostly have been laughed at. But the two who have tried it have come back and told me that it worked for them too. Mind you, if I have been drinking beer, I still get up to relieve myself.

I have trained myself to poop last thing at night, just before I shower. When I am home, I have to pee a couple of hours after breakfast; when I am out, I often go all day. But I make no effort to do this, it just happens.

Five minutes after I sit down at my computer in the morning – whether it’s at home and right after I get up or it’s at work and I’ve spent 45 minutes making my my way there – something flicks a switch and the train decides it’s time to leave the station. Sit down at the computer, start to read email (or browse the Dope), and 5 minutes later like clockwork, start the long walk down the hall.

Unless I’m on vacation or otherwise away from home, in which case the switch NEVER gets flicked. :frowning: