Have Your Ever Been a Successful Matchmaker?

Resulting in them getting married, having kids…

Tell us about it.

I got this question from a post by RTFirefly:
"This reminds me of my wife’s and my one foray into matchmaking. As we got to know my new housemate one year in grad school, my wife and I thought that he and my wife’s best friend from high school would just be perfect together.

Actually, my wife was still my fiancee at the time, and we were getting married in May, at the end of that academic year. We made sure they met just before our wedding, they hit it off right away, and have now been married over 20 years. "

Once. They are still married and have 3 kids - and we are still friends. No big story - he was a work and guitar friend; she was an attractive woman I knew in another part of the company. I thought they’d hit it off, so my then-girlfriend (now wife) and I set up a double-date to go shoot pool together. They did hit it off and dated off and on for a few years, then eventually got exclusive and got married.

They still introduce me to new acquaintances as the guy that introduced them.

I did introduce one other woman to a guy friend - she was a really attractive temp and he was a fellow junior exec. I know they slept together that night :eek: but it didn’t go much beyond that.

I haven’t introduced anyone else that I can remember…

No; the phosphorus ate away my jaw.

When I moved to my current city. My ex girlfriend lives in the same state, and I had moved down here for reasons not-her. Despite this, at some points we hung out for a while. I was still in college, and had quite a few lady-friends at the time. I had to go to the library while my ex was over. I was afraid if I went with her we would run into one of my lady-friends. Terrified, really. Because my ex had this insane notion that we’d be together again in no time. And that would have been terrible.

So, I told her I needed to go to the library, and needed to focus, so she should give her friend Steven a visit. Steven is a redneck local that grew up in the same hometown she did. He is a real neck-beard. She decided to do just that.

A few days later she happened upon my condom stash and noticed that several dozen of them were missing, none with her, and assaulted me. That was the last time I saw her, but I noticed on Facebook she got married to neck-beard! :dubious:

My way of diverting her to keep my action resulted in her marriage. She aught to thank me for being such a horn-dog! :smack:

For a moment I thought the OP was asking if someone actually was a professional matchmaker.

I had an acquaintance who decided to start a matchmaking service. Back when I was single she invited me to a speed dating event she was putting on. I arrived early and had a chance to talk to her and it became amazingly clear that she (single pretty much all her life, I must, but hate, to point out) was roughly as qualified to be a matchmaker as I am qualified to be the King of Siam. Her views on relationships were comically sexist, egomaniacal, and devoid of a hint of common sense. The results of the speed dating event were precisely the opposite of what she believed would happen (and were exactly as I said they would be) and her service has since been sensationally awful, from what I am told.

Anyway, that was hilarious, but it got me thinking, and I was single, so I thought I’d try another matchmaker, and I found a lady who was offering lots of matches for a good price. She, too, was bizarrely, almost insanely terrible at gauging whether people would be a good match. She was horrible at it.

Later my sister suggested I try another service, a fairly well known one (they have radio ads, so I assume they’re well known.) I never signed up because the initial sales pitch was so stupefyingly unconvincing. I don’t think they could have matched a pair of socks.

All this is off topic but the lesson is; don’t trust anyone who says they’re a professional matchmaker, it’s all luck.

Not really, but I did once place an ad in the paper for a friend. This was before datingsites existed. That resulted in him meeting his first wife.

In a roundabout and unintentional way…

Junior year of college…a friend I had made through my major led me to a bunch of other guys who lived near him on the opposite side of our dorm. My friend, like me, played guitar, and the other guys played various instruments and sang, so we started a band.

Meanwhile, my girlfriend’s roommate, Carol, had been going with Jim, a guy who lived next door to me in the dorm. At some point, we had a big outing to an amusement park involving all of us in the band and their girlfriends. Carol and Jim came along.

Somewhere along the way, Carol fell hard for Mark, the lead singer in our band. Next thing you know, they’re an item, and the guy next door to me was given the air.

Mark and Carol celebrated their 40th anniversary last year. They still exchange Christmas cards with Jim every year, so all’s well that ends well.

And just as an aside, the guys in the band remain my best friends on the planet, and we still gather together twice a year to make music together.


We all played EQ together and my husband myself and Alice lived near Toronto while Dan lived just north of NY city. They were both dating other people, conveniently became single at the same time and we scheduled a guild bbq at our house. That started things moving in the right direction but they were both a little leery of jumping into a new relationship. It took a year and a couple more weekends at our place before they accepted the fact that we were right and started dating.

10th anniversary is coming soon, no kids but I don’t expect them to ever have kids so there’s that.

Once. Got no credit for it. “We would have ended up together anyway.” No you wouldn’t have. You ignored each other and didn’t even realize the other person existed until I pointed each of you at the other.

I introduced a guy I’d been dating to a friend. We’d been steady for a couple of years but were sort of drifting, and we liked each other too much to dump each other, and we didn’t know how to do a breakup without having a fight, and we never fought.

He and my friend hit it off and have been together more than 50 years. I like to think I “gave” him to her but I still remember what he said when he first saw her: “Wow.” :slight_smile:

Their son and my daughter dated for awhile. That was weird.

Two fixups that have resulted in marriages and children, plus one group personal ad writing adventure for a co-worker (behind her back - we presented her with a fait accompli in the form of a new e-mail address we’d created to receive the replies) that resulted in a marriage and 2 kids :slight_smile:

Kind of? A guy I found on a dating site. He was a great guy, but not for me. I introduced him to a friend, and last I heard, they are occasional FWBs.

Not me but my brother and his wife were introduced by their mutual friends.

Twice, and around the same timeframe, the weddings were in the same summer.

I introduced my cousin, a doctor, who had just moved to New York to a childhood friend who was an elementary school teacher. He was looking to meet someone good with children. She wanted to marry a doctor.

The second was more random. I worked as a tutor at a community college. One of my students was a hopeless case, at a middle school level at math, and really not very motivated. I was ranting about her to my brother. Just to annoy me, he came to my tutoring session and joined her after class in bad-mouthing me as being a jerky, snooty, elitist.

Both couples will be celebrating their 20th wedding anniversary this year.

Sort of. A black Cuban friend (Geovani) took me to the bus station. There he met Alejandra. I was a witness at their marriage ceremony. No kids as yet. But they seem very happy. Along with the obvious difference in skin color, he was 40 and she was 20 when they were married. Ya never know.

I tried once. I had a friend who was an attractive divorced mother of one. I also had a coworker who was a really nice guy. I invited them both to a party at my house.

My coworker asked if he could bring his roommate, which was OK with me. I was kinda dense in those days - “roommate” was code for boyfriend. I had no clue he was gay. In fact, I didn’t find out till years later.

So, no, never successful. In fact, after this one attempt, I never bothered ever again.