The dating game - who did you find behind door number 3?

I recently found out that my best friends are expecting a baby, which is wonderful news and I know they’ll be fantastic parents. More than that, they are great together - even though when I think about it, he would not be the obvious match for her. She’s high powered and ambitious, he’s a laid-back dreamer type different from most of the guys that she ever dated before.

This got me to thinking about the couples I know and who they eventually paired up with - not always the expected choice. Certainly the guy I am dating is not at all the sort of person I imagined I would be with, but somehow it works.

So the question is, did you end up with the type of person you thought you would when you were younger? And if not, why does it work?

I met Mr SCL when I was 17 and we dated on and off for 11 years before we married. We are not at all alike. He didn’t even like cats when we got married - I had to tell him that if I didn’t get a little pussy he could forget about a little pussy!

My mother had him picked out from the beginning and no one ever compared in her eyes. While I was in grad school, I was dating a Park Ranger - 6’6", blonde hair, blue eyes - Yum! Took him home to meet Momma and called her the next day to get her reaction. Her response to this absolutely beautiful man? “He’s not Mark.”

We’ve been married for 15 years now and I can’t see how anyone else could put up with me. But when people who know me meet him for the first time, they always tell me he’s not what they expected. I guess everyone thinks I would be married to a biker, not a clean-cut RN.

Talk about your opposites:

“How in the hell did they hook up?”

“No way they’ll be together after a few months.”

“He’s a dropout truck driver; She’s a summa-cum-laude grad that’s been accepted into Med School! And she’s with him ?”

“I say she’ll get tired of him after six months… by 1980 at the latest”
We’ve been married 25 years, and I still can’t explain it.