Have your gas prices started going down, yet?

If so, where did they peak?

In my area, at their peak, the lowest price in town was $1.489 per gallon.

I took a little 1400 mile trip mid March, $1.59.9 to $1.65.9. Now it’s $1.39.9.

Groan. Just wait’ll the Californians check in here.

This morning regular unleaded was $2.13 at the cheap station. I think the highest was $2.19 there. Prices at other stations were even higher - $2.20-2.30 range.

I run on diesel. (well, my car does, not me) I’ve noticed that price dropping by about 5-10 cents, and it’s pricing at around $1.87 where I shop.

Damn, I need to move out of California!

The corner station close to where I live peaked at $1.73. It’s been at $1.69 for the past week.

I think the highest I saw about two weeks ago was $1.59. Now it’s down to about $1.42.

Things are holding steady in Seattle (at least the gas stations I come across).

89 octane (mid-grade) is $1.99.9, which is pretty damn close to the peak as I remember it. (The cheaper Shell stations have 89 for $1.95.9.)

The average price in the U.S. this week was 3¢ lower than last week.