Having some seripus trouble with my Address Bar

So someone downloaded this God-forsaken Hotbar thing. It’s this address-bar type thing that goes up at the top of pretty much EVERY window you open and it’s just retarted. Well, it messed up everything. My address bar looks like this. As you can see, there IS no address bar. There is no place I can type in the URL. Yes, I checked “Show Address Bar”. Obviously it isn’t working. I have absolutely no way of typing in a URL. I’ve tried everything. Anyone know what I can do? And I did uninstall the Hotbar, which wasn’t easy considering I don’t have an address bar.

In that little picture, you can kind of see “address” at the right-hand side. It’s not clickable. I can’t expand the bar by pulling it down or across, either.

Try downloading Adaware or Spybot. These are great at clearing out scumware that cause these sorts of things.

Spybot and Adaware won’t help since it’s not spyware, it’s a custom toolbar that you install.

Roadkiller, try right-clicking on some of those buttons–sometimes right-clicking brings up stuff. For example, if I right-click on my Address, Go, or Links button, it gives me a menu that allows me to click or unclick “Standard Buttons, Address Bar, Links, Radio, Go Button”. Perhaps you just need to select “Address Bar” and/or “Standard Buttons”.

Uninstall Hotbar is the first thin you have to do…then run a spyware program to get rid of anything else that may have been included in the Hotbar installation.

It looks like you have XP, which I’m not that familiar with. But on other versions, the Address part is its own bar that you can move around. It looks like you simply have the top bar full and need to move your Address bar down. I’m not sure if you can–but try clicking on the word Address and see if you can drag it down to create a second row. Alternatively, the double >> indicates that you can probably click just to the right of the double >> and drag the Address bar to the left to lengthen it, although you will cover up some of the buttons to the left in doing so.

Nope. Nothing moves. Can’t pull anything down or over.

Looking at the image, I can see your address bar – just to the left of the Microsoft flag. I’d guess that the toolbar is locked. Right click on the toolbar and see if “Lock toolbar” is checked. If it is, uncheck it and you should be able to move things around.