We've lost our address bar!

You know, that field where you can type in a url and get to where you need to go. Now, in order to get to threads that aren’t bookmarked, there’s a field that will take you to a Yahoo! search engine, and you can pick your site from there.

What did we mess up? We have Internet Explorer, if that matters.

No doubt you looked at this first:

On View, Toolbars, is Address Bar still checked?

Yes, it is.

I’ve clicked it on and off, and I’ve noticed there’s a box that says “Address,”, but there’s no way to expand or modify it by clicking on it.

And then, I found this little button that said Lock Toolbars, and I unlocked it, and lo and behold I was able to drag things around and reveal the Address Bar!

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction!

The original problem has been solved, but another tip for people who just like to keep the address bar hidden (it takes a non-negligible amount of screen space that could be taken up by the actual web document):

Ctrl - L will bring up a dialog that lets you enter an address; works the same as the address bar.

Similarly, if the only buttons you ever use on the “button bar” are “Back” and “Forward”, you can turn them off, too: alt + left arrow is back, alt + right arrow is forward.

Together, these will get you roughly an extra inch of vertical screen space; I’d rather have the space than the pretty buttons any day.

Or you can “Back”, “Forward” and “Refresh” simply by right-clicking …