Part of my Internet Explorer disappeared!

Okay, here’s another dimwit question about Internet Explorer. A couple of days ago, part of it went away, and I can’t figure out how to get it back. That part that’s under the Stop, Refresh, Home, and Search buttons… the place where the address of what’s on the main screen is, and has a Go button at the right-hand end…it’s gone. I’ve gone through Edit, View, Fovorites, and Tools, and nothing seems to offer to give back that useful little piece.

Is this a sure sign of the dreaded GoBlutes, or did I just forget to teekle the frammistang?:confused:

Thank you for your patience.

Right click on the toolbar - the part where the Stop, Refresh, etc. is. Make sure you right click on a BLANK part of that toolbar.

Then click on Address Bar - that should bring it back.

Nope, that didn’t do it. It brought me a new block at the right end of the toolbar with the word Address in it. (the first “d” is underlined) The word is in grey, and clicking on it gets me a 4-way arrow and no other result.

Take that four-way arrow and drag it down to just below your current bar. That will reposition the address bar to a usable spot in your browser.

Thanks again, for your patience and knowledge. Sometimes, this computer bums me out. It humbles me when the ignorance I’m fighting is my own. :wink:

Well, if IE is open just push F1

That brings up the instructions & you can search it for stuff. Sometimes restarting the computer does the trick too.