Having trouble getting info about Snakes on a Plane...

…from this thread.
It shows that the thread is on page 2, with DiosaBellissima as the last poster, but when I click on the link to Page 2, it just sends me to the OP. When I click on the “Go To Last Post” button, it just sends me to the OP. The last post I am able to read is Guin’s.

Is this happening with anyone else? What’s going on?

Well, actually on the Cafe Society page it shows that it’s on one page, with 49 posts, but once you click on the thread, it shows that it’s got 2 pages worth of posts.

:confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused:

Yeah, I thought that was just me-weird!

Interesting. I clicked your link and get the OP by clicking the “>”. So, it’s not just you.

I think I’ve seen this question before and it turned out that posts had been deleted. The page count comes from the original number of replies and doesn’t change when posts are disappeared. I’m thinking it’ll fix itself once a few more people post.


The gist seems to be that it’s a movie about

snakes on a plane

although I may have missed some the nuances.

It works OK for me. I took the link and clicked on the 2 at the top of the page…
::: shrug:::

It’s working now!

ftg’s post seems to have jookered the thread loose.
Three cheers for ftg.

Based on a thread about a similar hosed thread I figured it would. Well, assuming that “jookered” is not slang for …