Hazy gray underwear

Everytime I see the “Hazy gray and underway” I see it as “Hazy gray underwear”.

I also generally read the word “uniformed” as “uninformed” and “retired” as “retarded”

Anyone else have this selective pseudo-dyslexia?

“it’s all real”
“I KNEW IT!!!”
O p a l C a t

Don’t be pokin’ through me drawers anymore, Ope!

You had me interested for a while.

Oh, and it’s “haze gray” – the official color that all U.S. Navy ships are painted…

“Church” is “crutch”. Literally, too.

Chief: you’re missing the point. When I see your thread, it reads in my head as “hazy gray underwear”.

“it’s all real”
“I KNEW IT!!!”
O p a l C a t

Jes call me stoopid, an’ kick me in d’ass!

Borrow to me has always been burrow, for some reason. It always causes me to go back and re-read the sentence.

“Though I hate 'em, I’ll defend to my death your right to use smilies.”
Forward deployed until 18AUG00

Smilies = similes.


I do that all the time, which is why I didn’t do well in school. I would read a paragraph and certain words I read came out differently. I often have to re-read things in order for it to make sense.

I am not dyslexic in the classic sense, but much in the way you stated.

Not dyslexia, but…
I mix up the words “wedding” and “funeral”. Who wants to take a stab at my therapy bills?

I’m not a fallen angel, I’m a risen demon.

as a kid, I read the road sign “Speed checked by radar” as “Speed chicken by radar.” It didn’t make sense, but I didn’t know any better. Anyway, now when I see the sign I think “Speed Chicken,” …
and I laugh to myself…
and people with me stare…
Which isn’t the answer to your post.

United for Untied.
Reverse and Reserve.

I am large,
I contradict myself,
I contain multitudes.
~Walt Whitman

I keep seeing the thread title “Guy down the road, OCD” and reading “OCR”. When I read it for the first time, I thought “That’s interesting, but what does it have to do with optical character readers?”

An infinite number of rednecks in an infinite number of pickup trucks shooting an infinite number of shotguns at an infinite number of road signs will eventually produce all the world’s great works of literature in Braille.

Whenever I see anything about the Lubavich Jews, I always read it as “Luvabitch”. It makes them sound ever so much more interesting, too.