HBO's 24/7 - Penguins/Capitals

Did anyone else see this? I liked HBOs Hard Knocks, but never really watched the boxing 24/7s.
For those just popping in because of the title, It’s an HBO show that follows the 2 teams on a collision course to the Winter Classic on Jan 1 on an outside rink at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh. There’s all sorts of behind the scenes access. We get to see coaches’ speeches during intermissions, practices, travel and off-days.

I liked the show since I like hockey. I’m not sure if it’s going to hit a note with non-hockey people. But that effort’s always worth a try.

Being a Pens fan, I definitely watched it – I loved it. I can’t wait to see the next episode – any chance this will be released on DVD?

Did Boudreau ever use a sentence without the word “fuck” in it?
And I don’t care what team you root for – it is impossible to hate Max Talbot.

I’m hearing that after one episode, the Pens fans loved it and the Caps fans hated it. Of course it’s a long season and everyone has slumps and streaks. Pens just happen to be on a streak and are having fun with it. The Caps are in a slump and everyone is surly and frustrated. My question is if these guys are getting a little bit more upset since the cameras are there. I know professional athletes hate to lose. It’s something a non-athlete just can’t quite ‘get’. But I still feel like it’s a bit forced.
It does make for a good show as long as your not too attached to the Caps. I’m sure the slump will end soon and then it’ll get a bit better for them.

Next week’s episode is supposed to focus more on the Caps, from what I gather.

Someone told me it’s going to feature Ovie and Semin hanging out on the road, which should be really amusing.

Well HELL. I hope it does come out on DVD as we don’t have HBO.

It’s being featured at Puck Daddy

(I don’t know if when they say “edited” if that means the profanity is left out.)