HBO's Carnivale Feb 20 with spoilers

Hot diggety damn! Scudder finds Scudder! Management comes out from behind the curtain! Another maid goes to the hospital! Norman moves! Libby and Jonesy hook up! Sampson gets some!

Management (in this episode) is played by Cameron Clapp, who has a twin brother. It’d be great if the writers could work them both into the script.

I’m pleased that the story is progressing so quickly. They should be able to at least set things up for a final confrontation in the third season. I don’t want it to end just yet.

This season is moving things very quickly. Ben continued the whole shades of grey thing with good and evil with his healing of Scudder. That wasn’t exactly a “good” thing to do to most of those townspeople. I was a little disappointed that Stroud got away.

Why did management attack Scudder? Was it a continuation of the old feud or a flash of anger over the revelation of management’s children?

In another thread some people questioned my thought of Libby turning tricks. I think that was answered in this episode. (and it’s yes, she does)

The healing – I’m thinking (hoping) that everyone except the hotel desk clerk survived. They just felt groggy for awhile. Geez, I hope all those people didn’t die.

Did anything like that happen in the Biblical Damascus? Wasn’t the apostle Paul cured of blindness on the road to Damascus?

Any idea why Scudder wanted to scar his face like that? Atonement or disguise?

No clue why Management came after Scudder. I was so shocked at seeing him, I wasn’t paying attention to the action.

I figured that Scudder scarred himself so as to make himself unrecognizable. Dude needs a new hair cut though, seriously. I’m pretty happy that this season seems to be moving along so swimingly. My biggest problem with season 1 was that it moved so slowly and I have vowed to stop watching if season 2 was jsut as slow.


My question, is management dead? There was lots of blue blood running out of him, but at the end he reached out to choke (Ben or Scudder I don’t remember.)

Still don’t know if Scudder is the tattooed guy-Sophie’s dad. Although I really doubt it. Where is she anyways? All it showed was Lila moving into Lodz’s old trailer and moving Sophie’s few things out.

Now that we know Justin and Iris are managements’ kids, does she have any abilities that we don’t know about yet?

She’s hella good at measuring Justin’s inseam. :wink:

I can’t believe we got all of that in 46 minutes. It was worth it for the awesome preview of Deadwood’s second season that followed.

Yes! There have been rundowns of the promo on some websites, but I was dying to see it. They surely won’t have all that action in the first episode, will they? I’m so psyched.

Management died, then the Carnivale died (lights out), then Management revived and the Carnivale revived. Interesting.

Management wants Scudder to work with Ben against Brother Justin &Co. Scudder doesn’t want to, he wants “out”. Management tried forceful persuasion.

Is it just me or does Samson’s ex look a lot like a transvestite Karen Black imitator?

If Management wants Scurdder to work with Ben, then why was he originally trying ot assasinate him (only to be thwarted by Professor Lodz bear, Bruno)? And knowing that Alexi = Brother Justin (management’s son), perhaps Management was trying to PREVENT Scudder from helping Ben by killing him.

After this episode was over, I felt it had been only 20 minutes long. I was shocked that it was 8:46.

What religion is Brother Justin & the bishops? Lutheran or Episcopal or some generic liturgical Protty?

Actually, it’s Bree Walker, who used to be a news anchor in NYC. You’d never recognize her now, though. She’s aged a lot, and for the love of all that’s good and holy, I hope they blew up her lips for this role, and she doesn’t normally look like that. Anyway, she was a fan of the show, and called a friend on the production team to tell him they need to have someone with ectodactyly, since every carnival of the time had such a person. She was allowed to audition once they wrote the part, and got the role.

As for the plot, I’m pretty much clueless. I can’t tell if Scudder or Management was the child of light or dark, what’s up with being the Usher and bleeding blue, whether Management is dead by next episode, or what. But I’m having a damn good time watching it all unfold, and I’m so psyched we got to find Scudder and see Management all in one episode!

I also liked the bit with the latest maid and her attack of “nerves.” I assume she bit/scratched the one man in the little white coat, from what Iris said. Guess she probably learned from Justin. :eek:

And naked Jonesy, to boot. What an episode!

Did anyone else think the ferris wheel was going way too fast when the lights went back on? I was kinda hoping one of the cars would fly off and land on Rita Sue. New attraction: Pancake woman. :smiley:

Wow! I remember her from channel 2 (CBS) news in L.A.

Bree Walker is also sports announcer Jim Lampley’s wife.

An episode earlier this season showed a wide shot of the church. I think the one that Norman had the stroke on the steps. It had the denomination on the sign, I’m pretty sure it said Presbertareian. (sp!)

Okay, so did I hear right? Libby wanted Jonesy to use the, er, back door, so he’d go where no man has every gone before?

I don’t remember the exact quote, but to sum it up, she wanted him to go anal since she didn’t want him using the same place as the Johns. She never said that it hadn’t been used before though.

Actually, she did say she had never tried it before.

Wow, don’t know what happened there–but the quote I posted was obviously from a different thread.

I was responding to this:

I will proofread.
I will proofread.
I will proofread.

Just wanted to add re: Jonesy and Libby. Ouchity, ouchity, ouch. No lube? Or, perhaps Jonesy was already covered with enough grease. :wink: