He was the focus of many Pit Threads, but now has died

My entertainment has lost a lot today.



Got it first this time! :wink:

Not quite, the classic laugh was repeated 3 times:


But fear not, as TVtropes reports the tracts will continue to be produced.

So Jack Chick dies, and he gets to Heaven. An angel gets assigned to give him the tour: “ok, over there we’ve got the debate areas, right now the one with the biggest audience is a three-way between Luther, Francis and Augustine moderated by Mahoma, and over there…”
And then Jack Chick dies again. End of story.

Some of my favorite Chick lines:

“I used the mind bondage spell on my father. He was trying to stop me from playing D&D.”

Bobby comes home from school dressed like a Hitler Youth and holds up pictures of a dog and cat: My teacher said these would be great for a Halloween sacrifice!
Father: She’s a witch?
Bobby: You idiot! You knew that!

Father: God help us!
Bobby: You just said the wrong thing, you intolerant jerk!
Father: Bobby, go to bed right now!
Bobby: Larry’s mom said the same thing to him, now she’s in a concentration camp for… CHILD ABUSE! Wanna join her?

Bobby: Grandpa, did Jesus create the universe?
Grandpa: If I say yes, will your healers take me away?
Bobby: That’s none of your business!

I would love to see a sitcom that featured those characters and lines complete with laugh tracks.

He spread a supremacist message that was as ignorant as it was vile. It is a real shame he never changed his ways.

Natural death once again allows humanity to progress.

Meh, he should be okay.

I wanted to leave a few of these in random bathrooms.


His cartoon style was a perfect fit for his constipated and cramped theology. Even if you were unable to read the captions, you would know just by looking that this was a very life-negative person. By comparison, if you had a Calvin and Hobbes in front of you, but couldn’t read English, you would still guess it was whimsical and humane.

Only 9, er, 10 posts since he died? Jack was a lot more fun when he was alive.

Is there no one to fill his oversize clown-shoes? The world badly needs the laughter that he generated daily.

Ohhh. Now I get the joke William Gibson tweeted yesterday!

“Is it serious?”
“They think she’s got something stuck in her Chick tract.”

His death will not change my intractable contempt for his work.

Look on the brighter side of things. He was worth 8 points in the Death Pool.

A lot more than he was worth in real life

Win!!! <applause>