He who smelt it dealt it?

Local news story:

Never knew that was an actual legal comment. Sometimes the local school districts can be more embarrassing than a fart on a crowded school bus.

Bricker will be here soon, with relevant case law.:wink:

Wasn’t this the subject of the famous case, Brown Underwear v. Board of Education? :smiley:

Can someone remind me of the other phrases apart from “he who smelt it dealt it”?

I can only remember the first response “he who made the rhyme done the crime”

I’m sure it goes on for about two more lines one of which is something like

he who… done the deed

“He who denied it supplied it,” if I remember correctly.

Ah yes, well done that man.

I’m sure there’s one more.

Foxes smell their own gruff

(Maybe a british expression)

“Everybody likes their own brand.” Okay, not exactly, but that line always makes me laugh.

That story boggles my mind. They banned the kid? For farting? Lord, just open a window and go about bus driving!

Johnathon Locke, Jr.?

Well, at least he wasn’t farting on a airplane.

So stink, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, goodbye.

Guilty [del]dogs[/del] spiders bark first…

From this link:

That makes me think there might be a little more to this story.

BlimeyORiley, at our house we say “Fox smells his own hole!”

The ones that were popular around our house were Foxy Finder smells his own behinder and first smeller is the feller.

We were easily amused.