Headline: Man 'high on bath salts' arrested in bra, panties, accused of stabbing goat.

Yes that is the headline for this story.

The incident happened in West Virginia. Feel free to draw your own conclusions. Naturally it was reported on an Australian website.

Reading the story carefully, it is not clear whether the man or the goat was wearing the bra and panties.

Hee! My fave headline:

Man throws hedgehog at teenager, charged with assault

I’ve never actually read the whole story. This is one of those cases in which all of the relevant information can be summed up by the headline, methinks.

What? Like it’s never happened to you?

I wanna know where he buys his bath salts. And his goat.

Seems pretty clear. Still funny.

For the record, “bath salts” aren’t really bath salts.

I do like the names of the police officers. Deputy Sheriff Shackleford (any relation to Rusty Shackleford) and Corporal Sean Snuffer.

Snuffer and the dead goat. Heh.

It was the bath salts that really got his goat.

They didn’t say the goat was dead! How is the goat? What awful reporting, they should know we’d want to know the status of the goat.
And why the hell they were in a bedroom.
Then again, maybe we don’t want to know that.

According to this article the goat is dead.

But will they release the photos?

(too soon?)

I read about it yesterday. It’s sad when something like this is no longer unique and I can’t bring myself to start a thread. Let me know when they have video of a Sasquatch screwing Palin in an Alaskan nature show.

Sasquatches have standards you know.

Thanks for that. Call me unhip, but I’d never heard of 'em. Been wracking my brain trying to deduce howinheck somebody got high off bath salts. Lessee…If he swallowed them, he’d get a terrible case of the runs (don’t ask how I know this)…if he huffed or snorted them they’d just plug up his sinuses…what th…was he injecting them??

Anyway, now I know.


Ref Jenaroph’s post #5 … When the article uses the term “goat carcass”, it’s a pretty good bet the goat is deceased. Live critters aren’t carcasses.

I’m on the horns of a dilemma.

No kidding.

Oh George, not the livestock!

And people wonder why I’m kind of ashamed to say I’m from WV…

More details in this breaking story.