Headliner 6@6 Poll #39: Post Your 6 John Fogerty Faves WITH Links To All Past Polls

First: The Who’s, What’s, Where’s & Why’s of the Headliner Poll
In an attempt to squeeze as many bands in the shortest amount of time possible, The Tuesday 6 @ 6 Polls include a Headliner poll. This John Fogerty poll, like the featured Creedence Clearwater Revival thread will be closed and tallied 7 days from today, Tuesday September 14, 2004 at or about 6PM EDT. Results from all polls will be posted a few minutes later on that same day in Week #40’s featured Crosby Stills Nash (&Young) 6 @ 6 Poll.

Why you ask? After the ZZ Top poll, sometime this decade, the plan is to compile all the votes from the SDMB & post them in a few threads. Then I’ll burn a several volume CD set & mail ‘em out to the voters who helped keep these threads going.

Second: Links to the 68 artists we’ve already closed polling on
They’re all closed and tallied, so don’t piss anyone off & post to them. If you like to read any of them, here you go…The pile just keeps on growing:
§ Crowded House§ Counting Crows§ Creed§ Cracker § Camper Van Beethoven [http://boards.straightdope.com/sdmb/showthread.php?t=272860]]( [url) § Alex Chilton / Big Star / Box Tops [§ Sheryl Crow](http://boards.straightdope.com/sdmb/showthread.php?s=&threadid=157762) § Chicago § Jim Croce§ Concrete Blond § Cowboy Junkies § Cocteau Twins § Derek & The Dominos § Cream § Eric Clapton § The Clash § Elvis Costello § Collective Soul § Alice Cooper § Cheap Trick § Captain Beefheart (& His Magic Band) § Nick Cave (& The Bad Seeds) § Leonard Cohen § The Cars (Benjamin Orr, Rick Ocasek) § Neko Case / New Pornographers § Canned Heat § J J Cale § Johnny Cash (& The Tennessee Two) § Cab Calloway § Dave Clark Five § The Bonzo (Doo-Dah) Dog Band§ Cake§ Beck (Hanson) § Jimmy Buffett § Jeff Buckley § The Byrds § Buffalo Springfield § Bush § Kate Bush § Jackson Browne § James Brown § Better Than Ezra § Banarama § David Bowie / (Tin Machine) Boston § Bon Jovi § Blur § Belle & Sebastian§ Blue Öyster Cult § Blondie§ Blink 182§ Black Sabbath§ The Black Crowes§ Bjork / Sugarcubes§ B-52’s§ Chuck Berry§ Beastie Boys§ Jeff Beck§ The Band / Robbie Robertson§ The Beach Boys§ The Beatles§ The Animals§ Tori Amos § Alice In Chains § The Allman Brothers§ AC/DC § Abba& Aerosmith § 6@6 links.
Contemplating what your 6 favorite John Fogerty song shouldn’t take as long as picking your 6 favorite CCR tracks–but it only takes a minute to post your selections here. Compare your favorite tracks with other dopers who voted and see all the tracks and how many votes each song got next week after this poll closes.

Third: The Poll & How it Works
It’s simple enough, post your 6 favorite songs by the artist. Personal observations, opinions, liner notes, comments and the like are always welcome but are in no means required. You May include Cover Versions and of course, duets or other offshoot projects. If you specify a Live version, it will be noted, but tallied together with the studio version of the same title. My only request of you is to please try to be as accurate as possible when naming your favorite tracks.

Lastly: The Headliner Poll Artist of the Week
As I’m quite certain you can see, I’ve blabbered on for far too long already. So, without further ado, the brains behind CCR…John Fogerty.

Here are my 6 JOHN FOGERTY Selections:
6. Almost Saturday Night
5. Walkin in a Hurricane
4. Jambalaya (I’m always a sucker for Hank covers)
3. Rock And Roll Girls (Without ‘em, where would rock n roll be?)
2. Old Man Down The Road (Theory is you had to hide-e-hide from old man Reagan)

  1. Mr. Greed (What a smoking, kiss-ass track – One of my favorites)

So, do you have 6 faves? Is it even remotely possible John Fogerty is popular enough to knock Elvis Costello’s “Watching the Detectives” off the top vote getter position. There’s always that chance – though I’ll concede it’s somewhere between hair thin and none. Those answers and much more next week, same Eastern Standard Time, same web address.

Thanking you all in advance I hope to see you at the **Creedence Clearwater Revival** and Labdad’s Commander Cody polls. Have a great week!

I don’t quite know what’s going on here… these aren’t double postings, they all have separate titles.

I’m closing them all until I get clarification of what’s going on, whether this is spam or what, etc.

OK, since we’ve allowed them in the past, I’m leaving them open for now, until we decide what’s what.

Almost Saturday Night
Walkin in a Hurricane
110 in the Shade
Old Man Down The Road
Where the River Flows

  1. Mr. Greed
  2. Centerfield
  3. Hot Rod Heart
  4. Old Man Down the Road
  5. Rock and Roll Girls
  6. Rockin’ All Over the World
  1. Mr. Greed
  2. The Old Man is Down the Road
  3. Centerfield
  4. Hot Rod Heart
  5. Hundred and Ten in the Shade
  6. Rock and Roll Girls