Heads-up for Simpsons Fans

Barnes and Nobles currently has “Simpsons World The Ultimate Episode Guide: Seasons 1-20”, regular price $150.00 now remaindered at 14.99!


Thanks. Put it in the cart, have a giftcard, but can’t pull the trigger. It would just sit on a shelf.

Oh man, I could hug you!
I bought two: one for me, one to give as a gift.
I can’t wait to read mine!
Awesome deal.

Thank you, thank you!

I wanted this a long time ago but no way was I spending that much on it.

I just bought it!

awesome find!

Thanks, snagged a copy. This is the second thing I’ve ever bought at B&N (first was Modernist Cuisine for 50% off RRP) which meant I had created an account with them already. Despite them having all of my details, it still took some 20 odd clicks to buy the damn thing. 2 hours ago, I bought something from Amazon and it took one click. No wonder Amazon is eating them for lunch.

You folks are going to be so excited when the internet arrives in your village.

Bless you, kind sir.

Pretty tho. Could be an impressive regift.

eh, it has seasons 10-20? Interest…fading.


I recently bit the bullet and got seasons 1-10 on DVD (commercial, legit and legal) and I’m having a blast with them.

…season 8 is when you start to see things go downhill.

But yeah, that book looks cool! I’ve stuck it in my bookmarks, maybe I’ll pull the trigger.

thanks. you deserve a doughnut covered with Jolly Rancher, Twizler and a Mounds bar.

Thanks for the heads up on the book.

“We call it ‘The Good Morning Burger’”

No that’s different.

Can I interest you in some Frogurt?

Wash it down with a Skittlebrau.

Thanks to the OP for the heads-up. If you haven’t order it yet note that there’s an on-line coupon for an additional 15% off (net $12.74). What a deal!

Thanks - found the coupon and ordered one.
Note that they may also be available for in-store pickup, but $10 higher.

The frogurt is cursed also.

I think they deserve some mayonnaise mixed with some Jack Daniels

I just got an e-mail saying that my shipping would be delayed

I think you created a pretty good demand for the product

Same here :frowning: