The Simpsons DVDs

Right, I’m thinking about buying The Simpsons on DVD (Yeah I waste money blady-blady-blah) and at the moment I can get two out of the first four seasons.

So what I’m wondering are which are the best seasons to buy? I’m guessing Season 3 and 4 but just wondering others opinions. I plan to buy them all at some point, but which should I get first?


Only two? That’s hard to narrow down. All five sets are great. I’d have to recommend seasons 2, 3 & 4 with all being pretty much equal with the others. Season 1 is interesting because it’s a lot different from the Simpsons we’re used to (in one episode, Marge gets drunk and Homer’s the one concern about family problems) but the stories aren’t as good yet. Season 5 has a lot of classic episodes, like “Cape Feare” and “Deep Space Homer”, but a lot more crappy ones compared to the other sets.

If you order them used, from a vendor like Second Spin, you should be able to stretch your budget and afford more than two sets…I got the first 3 sets from SS and they were perfect, like new condition.

I’d agree with 2-4 being the best. Season one just sucked. There, I said it. The show just wasn’t good yet. And, while the season 5 shows were just as good as 2-4, there’s a really annoying guy on the commentaries who really enjoys explaining why all the jokes are funny to the point that I WANT TO STAB HIM IN THE HEAD! He also gushes over how great everyone is at doing everything. But, anyway, yeah. 2-4.

I’d definitely recommend buying season 4. Nearly every episode is a classic: “Mr. Plow”, “Marge vs. the Monorail”, “Kamp Krusty”, “Whacking Day”, etc. Even the weaker episodes are still pretty funny. You can’t go wrong choo-choo-choosing this one.

As for the rest, seasons 2, 3 and 5 are very good as well. I prefer season 5 because it contains my favorite episode (“Cape Feare”) but that’s just me. Season 1 is slower and more poorly animated than the others, so I wouldn’t recommend it if you can only buy 2 sets. It has its moments, though.

I would say that from Season 2 on, they only get better and better. Whichever you pick, you really can’t lose.

I got Season 4 for my birthday and bought Season 5 with a christmas certificate and I can verify that every episode is a knockout. My brother had #3 and it seems like more of the same.