Lousy packaging on Simpsons, 11th Season

What was someone thinking with this terrible packaging job? Not just the pop-out Krusty cover, but the cardboard slipcases that are very tight and, according to many recipients, scratch the DVDs.

Agree 100%. Worst. DVD Packaging. Ever.

I feel like I need to watch them straight through immediately so I can argue for a replacement if needed. I’m amazed how many people report them arriving damaged.

Didn’t they learn their lesson with the season 5/6 Homer’s Head debacle? That one wasn’t even popping out, and people still ocmplained because it didn’t match the previous seasons. They did the next one like Marge’s head (probably because it was already being made before they realzied people hated it,) but still made a “non-head” version, and I think the next couple seasons also had “head” and “non head” options. So why did they then go to a head only, AND make it fucking pop out so there is no chance it Hell it will fit properly on your DVD rack? Who thought this would be a good idea?

I bought a version that is non head. Just a simple box. It does have the inside packaging that is described though, and I’m not a fan. My dvds are playing well, thank goodness.

I understand that the head is glued on with the same removable silicone goo they use for the back-of-box sheets. If you want a plain box, just peel it off.

I stopped buying seasons when they went from normal slipcases to those awful Homer-shaped cases (season 6?). If they changed in the interim back to normal slipcases since then I wouldn’t know because they lost me there.

Yes, the heads peel off. However, the lousy sleeves still entirely bite.

All the boxes since then have been available in both the limited edition head-shaped packages and normal boxes.

But susan’s complaint about the tight sleeves for the season 11 box still stands. That is a pretty lousy design.

Not just tight, but really awkward to even grasp the disc to get it out - it’s like nobody did any product testing at all throughout the whole process.

Of the tens of people involved in the making of them, did nobody think to maybe slip the discs in then try to get them out? Crazy.

I’m just wondering why on earth you bought season 11 in the first place? Once you actually watch any given episode from that season, you’ll want to return it on content alone!

Also, anyone else find it strange that the head for that season was Krusty, despite the fact that Season 11 had exactly ZERO episodes where Krusty was more than a typical supporting character???

I can teach with “Brother’s Little Helper.” Regardless of your opinion of the content, the packaging is problematic.

I stopped my library at season nine, thus completing the classic or golden season collections. After the ninth season there’s a perceptible decline in quality.

Anyone remember the unskip-able BULLSHIT head-swapping “mini game” they tacked on before the episode list on the season 2 DVD?