Heatherlee Fans! Post here!

I see Phaedrus is working on the longest thread in GD.

I thought I’d try for the shortest in MPSIMS.

This space for rent.

I dunno… I haven’t seen any reason for anyone TO dislike Heatherlee…

Cleaning a turkey is as easy as cleaning a car- Wash, Rinse, Maim. --Counterattackii

Heather, you take a lot of shit. I wish I could apologize for all Dopers, but some of us are just assholes. You really don’t deserve all this.

Barbar - I have to agree with you.

I always thought that Heather was immature and of course I think that she really pulled a shitty on Satan, but has she personally hurt the rest of us to the point that we should hatefully attack her?

I understand that most of us consider Satan a great guy (me included) and that we all agree that Heather’s actions were not only juvenile but pretty fuckin low. It’s human nature that when someone hurts a friend we get pissed, but Jeeeezus people, you’re getting a little carried away here, aren’t you?

The things that I have read over the last few days have made me ashamed for some of you. I can see how and why Satan is so angry, but I don’t understand where the hate is coming from with some of you who really don’t know Satan or Heather outside of this board.

It’s one thing to give emotional support to a friend going through a break-up, it’s another thing to take sides, in full armor, and fight their war.

Where are you going to be in the minute chance that they get back together and both Heather and Satan remember your words? Trust me, stranger things have happened and take it from experience, partners forgive each other but will always remember the things friends said.

Give him a shoulder and agree with him that he got the shitty end of the stick, but ferhellsake, lay off her a bit, eh?

Please tell your pants it’s not polite to point.

Di’s on track. We know Brian, he’s as regular on this board as you can get. We know of Heatherlee, but she was at best an infrequent, what?, not troll, really, but…well, she really didn’t contribute and her few posts were split between almost trolling (let’s see if we can rile’em up about anal sex) and I AM SO MAD TAHT I CANT SEPLL. But the point is, we can help a friend who can use a little support without savaging the other person.

I know little about Ms. H save for her few posts and her website. Nothing I can glean from the above recommends her, nor does it qualify her as a target of my wrath. Brian’s the person we care about, and giving him a little support does not necessarily entail ripping Heather.

This is really between Brian and heather.

Actually, From what I hear, it’s over. She’s in England.

Getting all chewed up with hate doesn’t do anyone any good.

Satan is the luckiest guy on earth. He got rid of the child.

I say be there for him, be his friend, and help him FORGET about was-her-name.

You say “cheesy” like that’s a BAD thing.

You guys are right.
Shouldn’t have done it.

I think that Diane and beatle have hit the mark. I was very ashamed to see certain members of this board acting incredibly immature (hmm, that sounds familiar --isn’t immaturity the thing that everyone rags on Heather about?) in the #straightdope chat room. Rather than dissing her website and making crude jokes about her, those members (who claim to care so much about Satan that they have jumped headfirst into these attacks) ought to be consoling the person who was actually hurt by all of this.

This thread really needs to go away . . .to be closed, at least. That’s the first part.

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