lol ...........

First off, I was NOT bashing anyone I was stating a fact that you guys should NOT be bashing my best friend heatherlee lol uhm are you confused that you guys were the ones doing this? Second,I wasn’t the one that dragged up the past, heatherlee’s name was mentioned here so I threw in my two cents AFTERwords once again, do you not remember mentioning her name at all at first? DUH!! Third,you said

"Failure to do so will result in revocation of your posting privileges. And succes to do so might still mean revocation.

Should you have better intentions than your first post implies, it might be advisable to request for a namechange, removing your e-mail addy from your screen name. Unless you like to be extremely vulnerable to spam. "

my response, delete key works great lol

Okay, I’m taking bets on how long before this thread is closed and she’s banned.

I say…by 2:30 eastern. Anyone else?

And hon? If your delete key works so well, delete the link to this site from your computer. Please. Thanks ever.

bye bye now

what the hell is going on?

I came in here to laugh out loud.

Wait! I am!

I say 2:43 ET… :wink:

*heatherlee? * Gawd, she is so old news.

3:02 EST

3:16 EST

Should I CARE what she’s yammering on about?

I don’t care when, I’d just like it to be as soon as possible.

And then, I’d like her to break her thumbs off in her ass.

Hmmm…I am very new to SDMB. And I realize I miss some things. But can anybody tell me what is going on here and why her screen name is her email address? Ok, that part I think I have figured out now, but I am like, really LOST on the subject matter.

Or at least point me to a thread link? I feel like I came in on the middle of a conversation…in Hebrew.

Hello, heatherlee

Did a little ego surfing and got burned, did we?

Jeez, I’m sorry now I said that stuff about heatherlee.



Hi Silky:
Very exciting thread, certainly worth starting a NEW thread about. ::rolling eyes:: and in the wrong forum I may add.


I am NOT bashing sexyangelfish when i say that shes an idiot and should not post here anymore lol cuz why does she have anything to say anyways lol? Just cuz she started a thread that does NOT seem to have any point lol. DUH!!

Uhm, anyway lol, you guys should ignore her lame thread lol because its not worth your time anyway lol

Can we say run-on sentence?

I knew you could. . .


Giraffe OMG LOL your post is so funny and I couldn’t stand by and let you make your point alone because Giraffe is my VERY BEST FRIEND in the whole world and if you bash her for bashing sexy then your bashing me and I’ll bash you in return ROFTLMAOPIMP!!! uhm ok, {{{{giraffe}}}} u r kewl peepz~!


and then I’m all like NO WAAAAAY. And he’s all, fer sure. And heatherlee’s all like WHAT-EVER. And by that time I’m totally like SOOOOOO, you know, steamed. And then its like you know, whatEVER. . .

I have a feeling this goes back to something over a year old, because I don’t know who the hell this heather person is either. I also have a feeling that it’s probably best not know, the mods will clean this junk up soon enough.

But it is becoming a rather entertaining thread.

Now wait just a few seconds here.

While I agree that the person posting this did so in a totally inappropriate forum, if you’ve been on the board for a while, you know that references to “heatherlee” or some variation thereof are actually made fairly frequently. Usually in an unflattering way. I do not think it’s wrong for a friend to take offense at that, and post something saying that even though the person isn’t here anymore, it’s bad form to use her name as a symbol of everything sluttish in life.

I don’t think that the Moderator was right in basically threatening a poster, just because they brought up a subject that is unpopular. What, you’re going to ban everyone that comes here debating race, religion, personal body habits, weight, especially when they take an unpopular view?

Every time the subject of the “clique” comes up, everyone shouts loudly about how there’s no such thing, and certain people don’t get deferential treatment. But when someone comes here talking about a person that (from one point of view) did someone wrong here…even though the other person involved has moved on, and doesn’t post here much anymore, their thread gets locked (correctly, for being in the wrong forum) and they are threatened with being banned. For no other reason than the fact that they are friends with heatherlee.

I think that’s a pretty bogus attitude to take. Normally I think the Mod’s to a great job, and most people here are fair minded. But the attitudes displayed here are wrong. Just because the guy involved was your friend, and this person happens to be a friend of the other party, is absolutely no reason to ban them…at all. If you want to take it to the Pit and trash them, then that’s fine…but not threatening to take away their posting privileges just because they feel like defending someone.

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