Missing Heatherlee

Hi everyone, Heatherlee and I were reading the dope message boards since either of us hasnt been here in forever and I must say some of you guys never grow up do you?? LOL for instance I’d like to quote "Says Divemaster


I’ve had an evil bitch demon spawn of Satan girlfirend-from-Hell.

I see heatherlee’s still getting around."

whats that suppose to mean hmmmmmmm?? Funny how you think she is getting around when she is happily married now to a wonderful man which I would like to say that I attended with my wonderful boyfriend as well. This board really shows me how low online internet people can stoop, then again its not a life, your life is what you do away from the puter yeah online you might meet people socialize some people you might grow extra close to but most of these people will come and go in your life. But I am fortunate that I met a few good peoples online that I won’t deny at all. Anyways, so you might be having your fun by keep on stirring shit round and round, but why dont you stop and think to yourself dont the new people wonder who “heatherlee” is, and you know what the saddest thing is? all the people that are STILL bashing her will have nothing positive to say at all, or they will play the “two faced act” well I am proud to say that heatherlee is my VERY BEST FRIEND and I dont know what I would do without our best friendship. She is the true meaning to me that best friendships are real, she isnt fake, she is the most sweetest warm hearted person that you will EVER meet. Now those of you that disagree with me then you have problems lol and go seek help simply by hitting start, shut down and turn off the damn computer and enjoy YOUR life instead of worrying about other peoples lives, like my best friends heatherlee’s.

I wonder how long this will be around.

Welcome aboard, Sexyangeleyes@aol.com.

Sit tight, and listen to me.
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