heatherlee's Obsession (for men?)

I debated where to place this topic. Decided on the Pit, for if I’ve gone astray the gentle TMs will not have far to go to skewer me.

heatherlee’s posts are very focused, ask direct questions and have, on occasion, curled my toes. Ass, tits, anal, oral, etc. Is this intentional? Does she(?) truly wish to know? Is the sole purpose of these posts to titillate? Garner legions of TM groupies, or what?

They are, at times, a pleasurable diversion. And, no matter the reasoning behind her posts, she is a welcome member of the TM family.

Your thoughts?

well, Handy mentioned something about Nude pics of her, and I’m beginning to believe she may hae something of a questionable employ/hobby… if you catch my drift… ad may be trying to subtly and inconspicuosly attain tricks of the trade…

Have you guys checked her Website?


That link will open NOT the homepage, but you can look for it.

Aw, jeez.

What grade d’ya figure she is in?

Are they going steady?

Just teesing…(covering head…)

I’ve wondered these questions myself…Seems like Dr. Ruths message boards would be more appropriate…although I find everyones answers “enlightening”…I wonder if she’s another “experiment”…a regular in sheeps clothing?? Anyone else wonder that?

An optimist sees an opportunity in every calamity; A pessimist sees a calamity in every opportunity.

Heather and Satan, sitting in a tree…
k-i-s-s-i-n-g (and then some)

Check out her website…anyone notice who the love of her life is? Yes, you’ve seen this long haired hottie before…Satan! Go check it out…So Satan, how do you like your girl telling everyone in the world all her kinks? Veeeeeeery Interesting!

An optimist sees an opportunity in every calamity; A pessimist sees a calamity in every opportunity.


I certainly hope this isn’t another L------k
experience. Or another D--------99 experience.

names deleted to protect the innocent


Okay, here’s the deal. Heather asked me if I wanted her to take her site down. I said she could make the HTML coding a bit less insane, but I really didn’t care.

Why didn’t I care? Because I trust her, and I don’t care what other people feel. In fact, I think it’s kinda neat that I’m with someone who others want to get with.

As for employment, she works in a hospital and is going to school to further her career in health care. Full-time for both. She works harder at 23 (she is 23 and I am 30 since that came up as well) than most people do.

Aside from having a nice body, I enjoy talking to her, doing things with her, cuddling with her, and just being with her. Do we have great sex? Yes. Is that all we have? Not hardly.

Ultimately, she knows that a lot of people will say the things that have been said here about a site like hers. Or worse, comment on how she must be a slut, or has no self-esteem.

I see none of these things - only someone comfortable with herself and posessing an exhibitionist streak. Frankly, i wish there were more people like that. Oh, and most of those pictures do not do her justice, by the way…

I took her to meet my family (just a coincidence as my brother lives nearer to her than I am and it’s between us) and they - including my youth minister brother - totally loved her.

She has more qualities that her tits, and I am fortunate that she wants to share them all with me.

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I just gotta say… Heather is my very best friend she has been there for me more times then I could ever count, she is VERY real and far from a slut!! If you think she is fake or a slut you know what then… YOU dont know the real her, and you can go fuck yourself!! Heather is one of the truest people out there with the biggest heart, very trustworthy at that too. So if you decide to bash her or what not then apparently you don’t know the real her. I know the real her and I am proud to have her as my best friend, true friends stick together forever, I will always be there for her as she will always be there for me. What I’m trying to say… U mess with her U mess with me and thats not a smart idea! C - ya!

lol this is too cute. well in my sort of defense, my only obsession that I have is for my darling Satan. he is proud of who I am so thats all that matters to me. I am not a slut and those of you that may think I am so be it. I work at a respectable job at a hospital and I am going to college for Physical therapy. I make half way decent money at this and I work my ass off! Im not ashamed of who I am infact I am quite proud of myself. when I was younger I used to have NO self esteem. I used to be intimidated to even go out into public without a friend with me cause I was afraid of people looking at me or making fun of me. lol now I do find this funny, now that I have the confidence I always wanted and I am proud of who I am I am still getting shit from people. rather amusing dont ya think? as for the topics I post damn you people need to lighten up. looks to me like you all have been having a good time with it, have you not? I know I have gotten a lot of replies to it. the reason I posted sex topics was cause #1 there was none, and #2 some of this shit on here would put me to sleep reading it let alone responding to it. as for naked pics?? lol do you people know the difference between naked and not naked?? Obviously not. cause I am NOT naked on my web page, I have a few racey pics posted of me but all of my Private areas ARE covered. Im not afraid to show off what I got cause I am proud of the way I look and the person I am inside. so let me tell you a REAL EASY solution to if you dont likw what you see or read…dont reply and dont look. doesnt hurt my feelings any.

as for you my darling Zette Satan loves me and Im sorry if you might have your nose put out of joint by this :slight_smile: He is proud of me and who I am inside and out :slight_smile:

I have been writting to Heather for a while now and never once has she sent me a nude photo of herself and nor have I asked or in some of your cases BEGGED for one of her…I wish I could find a woman like her down here where I live at…We are both going into the PTA program and both like the same music and I found out we both share the same views on various topics of interest…I think some of you fools want her for your little plaything and it isn’t going to happen…She is sweet and things alot of herself because some of you scumbags would spend your money for her pictures and you know it and she would give or sell any to you, so some of you have to run her down…Go look at a XXX page if you want that type of stuff and take your jerk off lotion with you…Sounds like alot of losers have to many compters and way to much time on their hands if not their d#@ks in their hands to boot…

With out regrets…Heather you are just to kewl and LOVELLLLLLLLY!!!

Oh golly gee, I think I’m gonna fwow up.

Well, I thought I buried her, but every once in a while, the Snob in me manages to claw her way out…

Does anyone else find it amusing that Ruthie and Troy joined SD for no other reason than to defend their friend from the evil, horrible, wicked and ruthless TMs?

I’ve never seen a negative statement posted about Heather. Wonder why the dogs were called?

Satan, Heather, congratulations on falling in love and all… shame about the baggage.

Veni, Vidi, Visa … I came, I saw, I bought.

Wow, me thinks the lady doth protest too much…I for one have not said anything bad about Heather…in fact, you go girl! It would certainly take more then you and Satan seeing each other to put my nose out of joint. I’m not making judgements,I was trying to make a lighthearted comment about how Satan likes his girl talking about sex on the boards. It’s called a joke… Was supposed to be a funny, but I guess not. Lighten up, guys. Anyone who suggests lude things about you are just immature idiots. Keep up the interesting posts!
Zette :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

An optimist sees an opportunity in every calamity; A pessimist sees a calamity in every opportunity.

Just one comment about the website, Heather:

Don’t use ALL CAPS for text that is in a Cursive font. It’s practically illegible.

Oh, and it should have more nude pictures. :slight_smile:

I’m not flying fast, just orbiting low.

Zette wrote:

Yeah! I looked at her website, and I saw absolutely no evidence of quaalude usage whatsoever!

(Or wasn’t that what you meant? :wink: )

Zette ok sorry took you the wrong way :slight_smile: ::hugs:: no offense

ChrisCTP sorry babes no baggage here :slight_smile: just plain amusement at some of this crap lol