I am a stupid moron...


Yer pal,

Damn. Everytime I try to find out why Satan is a stupid moron, it times out.

She is.
(and, so is he.)

Not only that, but she is dishonest.


You are not a moron… you believed in something that is supposed to be sacred… your love for each other… and the child destroyed that

I am me… accept it or not.

Honey, I think that she’s a stupid moron, for giving up someone as wonderful as you. I know you feel like an idiot, but we all make mistakes in judgment, especially judgment of character. Look at it this way: knowing what you do now, aren’t you glad that some other guy has to put up with her bullshit?

And we now have the record for world’s biggest Simu-post! Congrats!

Brian, you are not a mornon, you were convinced of her sincerity because you had no reason to believe otherwise.

She is the bitch and she should assume all guilt and i hope she had the guilt of it all boiling in her gut for years to come.

Magnificent to behold - Greatly to be praised.

Satan, I don’t really know you, but I’ve read your posts, and I can tell (at least, in that vague internetty way) that you’re a good guy. You are not s stupid moron. Clearly, this woman is messed up. AND she’s a really shitty web designer.


Brian…I agree with Sue and Drain. You are not the moron here, she is. I hope she gets back all the shit she gave you. In spades.

Someday she’ll look back and realize what she lost by hurting you. Because you are a great person, dear.

“Men are from Earth, women are from Earth. Deal with it.” - George Carlin

(The link finally connected.)

I get an odd feeling about Heather. She brings to mind something about passing notes in class that say:

I like you do you like me check 1 or two

             1   2

Oh, GOD!!!

I withdraw and apologize for anything I may have said that seemed to give that STUPID, STUPID girl any empathy.

I’ll repeat something from another post:
Which just goes to show that you shouldn’t date someone with “issues”.

and I’d like to change this:

Next time, go for your intellectual equal


Next time, go for a grown up who’s honest.

That’s a good start, anyway.

(But did anyone notice how much this new guy resembles the Dark Lord Himself?)

i think he looked more like Frank Zappa

Magnificent to behold - Greatly to be praised.

Whoa! Now that was fast.

Here’s my advice, for what it’s worth:

Forget about her, and pretend like she doesn’t exist. Don’t talk about her, don’t mention her, if she contacts you, don’t respond. If she sends you an e-mail, trash it without reading it. In my case that has always worked.

If she’s feeling vindictive, she might be reading these message boards and enjoying the fact that you’re angry. Or maybe she doesn’t care either way. In any event, I don’t think that you thinking about her or checking up on her does you any good.

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H. de Livry

Wanna lay odds on the shelf life of this “engagement”?
4 months tops.
Or, maybe this guy has been lobtomized.

Then I give it 7 months. Before, he leaves in a spittle filled mess.


No, Brian. SHE is a stupid moron.

Yesterday, reading your thread, I was feeling empathy for you. Now, I feel sympathy for Matthew, too. (Of course, maybe he’s as wierd as she is in which case they do deserve each other.)

Those of us who’ve not met IRL, have only these posts to help us form opinions of one another. After reading both your and Heather’s posts, I was confused about you. If you could find a satisfying relationship with her, it seemed to me that I had to have overestimated you based on your posts. Now I believe that I was correct about you all along. You’re a thoughtful intelligent man with a quick wit and a great sense of humor and a good heart.

So you had a lapse in judgement. Wasn’t your first. Won’t be your last. I’ve had worse ones, and I bet there are a bunch of other dopers who could say the same. Mine just weren’t as public as this one.

Don’t beat yourself up over it anymore.

Hang in there.

Oh my God. Please tell me you didn’t find out online.

& I agree with Kyla, her Web design skills blow goats.

The title of this thread is misleading, though…what did you do that was stupid or moronic? You fell in love & you got hurt. That makes you human, not stupid.

My advice is to dig out your Morrissey & The Cure albums, grab a large container of your favorite alcoholic beverage, and vent with your friends all night long.

That sucks man.

Now at least now you know she is worthless.

You’re not a stupid moron… you’re the luckiest guy alive. Laugh at this, laugh at her. You almost got too serious with a two-timing cheater (maybe n-timing, as far as you know).

Remember, he, not you, is going to marry a cheater!

I know you don’t really like me, but believe me, I’ve been where you are, only I married one like her. You will get over it and be quite happy about it. Mine tried to stab me to death, and I wanted her back. How’s that for being a loser.

On a more serious note, and I really mean this, think long and hard about whether or not you need to be tested for any STD’s. Were you safe throughout you relationship. I fucking hate bringing this up, but I’ve had friends die…

Whoa! That shocked the HELL out of me, Satan. (Oops, that was a pun I didn’t intend.) Probably not half as much as it shocked you.

I hope the web site wasn’t how you found out.

FWIW, I always thought you seemed much much more intelligent than that girl. But that probably doesn’t help heal your broken heart. I’m sorry it happened.

May your heart mend soon, and may you find happiness with a woman with a few million more brain cells and a few less lol’s.


Leslie Irish Evans

Anybody else wondering if this guy has a legal reason that he needs to get married NOW? Like maybe his Visa expired or he’s inheriting some money on the condition that he gets married? This is too far out.


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