Hedwig and the Angry Inch! - An SDMB Musical thread

Sorry guys, this OP is going to be weak. I am in the middle of moving and I just haven’t had time to compose a proper OP.

That being said, I don’t think this movie needs much in the way of OP. So let’s have at it!

The movie rocks, the music is awesome, it is a good play but I think a better flick. It raises some issues, makes you cry makes you laugh. I have 0 problems with anything about Hedwig.

What say you all?

It’s one of the only musicals I actually enjoy, the other notable one being “Rocky Horror Picture Show”. Maybe I only like musicals about sexual perversion?

Bonus fact: I actually saw this movie for the first time in Junction City, KS, where much of the movie is set.

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Something useful to add: Hedwig… is available on Netflix’s “Watch Instantly” service. I’ve never seen it, as for some reason I associate/conflate it with Priscilla Queen of the Desert, which I also associate with Baz Luhrmann, and I’m kinda over him*, but this might be a good time as any to give it a whirl.

  • I know this seems a really weird reason not to see a movie when in fact neither movie is even by Baz Lurhmann. I don’t claim to be very logical!

Really love this movie… and oddly, even though it was done constantly when I lived in Seattle, I never did see it live.

Give it a whirl. It’s pretty awesome, and well worth seeing for the music alone.

Take a look at Origin of Love, one of the better songs and sequinces in the film. (YouTube link)

Wow! That’s the sexiest episode of Schoolhouse Rock ever! :smiley:

No seriously, that was fun. Good song and performance. I will check out Hedwig. (Plus, it’s free, what’s the harm?)

I was going to mention its Free-ness on Netflix Instant, especially since I’ve had it in my queue for a while now, able to stream to the TV via Roku.

It’s a good movie with great music. I especially love the Tommy Gnosis reprise of “Wicked Little Town,” as he gets a cosmic smack to the forehead with what he’s done to poor Hedwig.

I saw it on my first visit to New York back in 1997. I had never heard of Hedwig and the Angry Inch, but we had gotten free tickets for the show, as we were doing a story for the college paper about grads going off to Broadway to audition for shows, and while we were there we interviewed John Cameron Mitchell, who was a graduate of Northwestern. That night, I had a choice of either seeing the Lion King on Broadway, or to go to this off-Broadway show I had never heard anything of before the Mitchell interview. I opted for the latter and, boy, was I in for a treat. I actually enjoy musicals just fine, but the show was simply incredible. More-or-less a one-man performance with great music, manic energy, and a fun storyline. When the movie came out, I thought there was no way it could capture the energy of the show, but, I must admit, they did a very good job with the movie. I still far prefer the live performance, but the movie is an acceptable substitute.

I make pretty much everyone who comes to my house watch this movie - I just love it. Every component of it seems to work so well: the storyline is captivating, thoughtful, and well-paced; the sets are awesome; the acting is by turns hilarious and touching, and always honest; and of course the music is amazing. I wanted to dance to Origin of Love at my wedding, but the DJ lost the disc.

I love this movie, too. If anyone has an eMusic subscription, the album is there.

Hedwig has some good music in it, and I like the scene in the seafood resturaunt that goes awry.

I’ve never seen the stage production, but I’ve seen the movie a few times and really like it. Origin of Love is a phenomenal song, both lyrically and production-wise; if it had been done by a rock star it would definitely have been a hit.

I love the opening – it so totally smacks you in the face with “okay, we’re in Hedwig-land now.”

This is one of two soundtrack CDs I’ve bought that have spent substantial amounts of time on the playlist – i.e., they’re great as albums, not just as soundtracks. (The other is the soundtrack to Once.) What’s interesting is that the “soundtrack” album isn’t actually from the movie soundtrack – these are slightly different versions of all the songs. Nothing significant, I don’t think, but that’s always the second thing I need to get oriented on when the movie starts. Does anyone know why?

A note on the bandanna-wearing husband/boyfriend (?) with the 'stache – I had watched the movie at least three or four times before I processed the fact that he is played by a woman.
This is #3 on my list of all-time favorite musicals – Top Hat and All that Jazz are nos. 1 and 2. People who keep track of my foibles will be struck by the fact that this is a dance-free movie, and yet it rates so high. :smiley:

The crowd surfing scene at the end didn’t clue you in?

Failure to pay attention, I guess.

Yeah, they needed a male character but wanted a female voice. If you watch the deleted scenes, Yitzhak’s motivations make a lot more sense.

The first time I saw this one, I was into it from the start. Then we got to the “Wig in a Box” scene, and when the side of the trailer dropped down to make a stage I almost fell out of my chair. It was just so perfect - trashy, but glamorous.

I’m finally getting around to watching this musical. My life has been slightly insane. The music is growing on me–it’s just not my style.

I just watched the “Wig in a Box” scene, which is especially noteworthy today because of the lyric about Farrah Fawcett hair, in a week where she passed away and her famous hair was one of the big things mentioned repeatedly. (Farrah Fawcett was a trifle before my time. Although, I’m generally oblivious enough to celebrities that I may be wrong on that. )