Heinz puts upside-down label on ketchup bottle; calls it a "new product"

Or “Heinz turns ketchup bottle upside-down, but not label; calls it a new product”.

Or how about “Heinz receives complaints from millions of consumers who can’t read the label on their upside-down ketchup bottles”.


I don’t know about you, but I’ve always kept my ketchup bottle upside-down in the cupboard.

  1. Does the “new Heinz upside-down-labelled bottle” mean I shouldn’t have been doing it up until now?
  2. Do all of you feel better about storing your ketchup bottles upside-down now that the label can still be read while the package is so oriented?
  3. Honestly, did nobody think of turning their ketchup bottles over until Heinz gave the go-ahead with this upside-down label stunt?
  4. Can you tell I’m at work & very bored?

I dunno.

I’m just thrilled that they finally started marketing Funky Fries.

Jam on it! Get funky!

“Heinz makes potato chips shaped like french fries; adds blue food coloring. Calls it a new product.”

Consumer Reports says Funky Fries taste exactly the same as Heinz’s other Ore-Ida potato products.

The chocolate ones, however, probably don’t.

Oh, yes. The upside-down label bottles are squeezeable.

Wait a minute. Heinz is selling squeeze bottles that can be stored upside-down so the catsup comes out easier? They stole my idea! Those rat finks! I want my royalties!

Wow, they finally found the 58th variety.

But isn’t that a new bottle design as well? <— doesn’t use ketchup all too often

It’s a slightly different design. The bottle is wider, and so is the cap, so it is much easier to store upsidedown. The original bottle’s narrow cap made it wobble precariously in the refigerator door, now it is much more stable.

Jeez, you’d think I worked for Heinz or something.

And is there anyone in all of Heinz’s market who actually has to read the label of a ketchup bottle in their own cupboard, no matter how it’s oriented, to figure out that it’s ketchup?

Another advert type earns their keep. I’ll sleep better this evening.