Say Something Ketchuppy! Fun for creative minds

Recently I was amused to discover that, on the bottle of Heinz ketchup, they’ve begun printing quirky little labels. The two I bought proclaim “Your Fish Stick Improvement System” and “Taller Than Mayonaisse.” hee hee. Cute, Heinz.

Then last night I’m eating my tater tots and reading the ketchup bottle and discover the company is having a contest. Think of something fun and witty for us to print on our ketchup labels!

Right up my alley! I love writing headlines, making up program titles and generally producing pithy witticisms. (Not that I’m always good at it! I just enjoy it!)

So confronted with the contest last night, I come up with a couple right away, the best of which is It’s Going to the Dogs. Well, I bet the Teeming Millions could think of a few cute phrases. Maybe we’ll submit them, maybe we won’t.

What’s your suggestion?

Not as snooty as tartar sauce.

It pours really slow, which is good, because… um… wait, don’t tell me, I know this one…

Instant fake blood! Scare your friends!

Put this on your buns!

“Our condiments to the chef!”

“Put it on your dog! Don’t be a yellow belly!”

Ketchup - contains 10% Catsup.

Squeeze me…you know you wanna.

Easier to pronounce than Worchestershire Sauce.

It’s what the Mama tomato said when her baby fell behind!

For use in case of emergency - when you can’t cut the mustard.

According to the Government, it’s a vegetable!

My personal favorite is on the bottle in my fridge at home: “Plays Nice With French Fries.”

As for others, well. . .

*Making Scrambled Eggs Better Since 1860
*Not For Use As A Beverage.
*Made From Happy Tomatoes
*Who Cares About The Other 56 Varieties?

The official contest rules say no more than eight words, so anybody wanting to run the straight and narrow might want to keep it to that. Contest

I love yours, photopat!

Scrambled eggs, Zap?! ::shudder:: :wink:

Mine doesn’t sound exciting enough. How about changing it to:

Ketchup- now with 10% more catsup!

King of the Condiments

The reddest thing you’ll ever eat

“Do it doggie style!”

“Apply to weiner. Insert in bun.”

“Catsup is for weinies.”

“Ketchup Uber Alles.”
On the plastic bottles:
“Rudest noise wins.”

Thanks Ellen, although I have to say I like “Ketchup Uber Alles” too.

By the way, what’s it like being a Tom Robbins character?

Thanks Ellen, although I have to say I like “Ketchup Uber Alles” too.

By the way, what’s it like being a Tom Robbins character?

Spank our bottom!

Sauce-age for your sausage!

If you look up “It” in the dictionary, this bottle is pictured by “ketchup.”

Better than throw-up!

Wuvs you.

Flavor by the squirt.

Making things tastier, one food group at a time.

As American as apple pie, only red.

Buy it locally, use it vocally.

Eat me!

Just add hot water: instant tomato soup!

“Lather. Rinse. Repeat.”