Heinz Tomato Ketchup

I don’t eat much ketchup and usually only at McDonald’s or Burger King. Last night I bought Heinz Ketchup for the first time in years and it seems to taste much better than the Heinz packets at the aforementioned restaurants. It seems much more tangy, and not so sweet. I find the fast food ketchups disgustingly sweet, as a matter of fact. Are they in fact different or is this just my imagination? Does this belong in another forum?

Quit supporting that bitch that John Kerry is married to and buy some real ketchup, Hunts.

BLASPHEMY!!! Hunts is an abombination to the Lord!!!

Yeah it should probably be in Cafe Society. But I’ve never noticed a difference. Probably because I don’t use ketchup at fast food places.

Hunts is NOT ketchup…it’s catsup. Just look at the bottle. It’s also an abomination.

If one must eat ketchup, it must be Heinz.

Yes, I’ve noticed the packets taste nothing like the bottled. I wonder if that has to do with how old the packets might be.

I confess, I buy the generic store brand. There are some things I have brand loyalty to, but ketchup isn’t one of them.

Did you buy the “organic” kind?

I’m not of a tree hugger myself but when it comes to ketcup; it’s the only way to go.

Heinz Low-Salt is surprisingly good.

You say potato, I say pah tah toe, let’s call the whole thing off, Tater. :stuck_out_tongue:

I can tell when restaurants use the Heinz bottles on the tables but fill them up with the cheap stuff. I bought a big jug of “house brand” one time, thinking that saving about a dollar was the greatest thing ever. Ick. Never did that again. Heinz or nothing.

Yes, sometimes the little packets have a sweeter taste. Do they still print the “best before” dates on them? I agree that it might be due to old age.

Do they still make the green and purple ketchup? Couldn’t bring myself to buy those.

Never! I have spoken and it’s MY way or the highway, buddy!.:wink:

I prefer the Heinz reduced sugar but it’s getting hard to find these days. It’s even tangier!

I used to know someone who was a career waitress. She had some customers one night who were raving about the ketchup. It was extra tangy, and they were loving it. They asked what it was so that they could buy some for use in their home.

The thing is, it’s not on the market. You have to make it yourself.

Here’s the recipe: Leave a bunch of bottles of regular recipe Heinz ketchup opened and out, unrefrigerated, for weeks or months. When some get low, consolidate. You want to make sure that there’s at least a few tablespoons of ketchup in the bottle that haven’t seen the inside of a fridge since long before the expiration date.

Tanginess ensues.

I also believe that the color of the packet ketchup is a brighter red than my store-bought bottle. When I go to McDs again, I am going to bring some home and settle this once and for all.

My family once tried Hunts about 40 years ago. I still can’t get the taste out of my mouth.
The New Yorker once had an article about ketchups. It seems that many people try to make a boutique ketchup better than Heinz - and they all fail. Heinz is as close to perfection as a food is going to get.
When I lived in the Congo, at 10, we used to go to this little restaurant. It was good I suppose, but the main attraction for my brother and me was that it was the only place in Leopoldville to get Heinz ketchup. Once, to the chagrin of our parents, we finished most of a bottle.
Ummm… Heinz.

I always thought the packets tasted different from the stuff at home because the stuff at home was cold, but maybe they are different. I always liked the packets better.

I use mustard now.

Hunt’s ketchup blows, Heinz rocks.

The stuff at McDonald’s, despite saying ‘Heinz’ on the packet, tastes terrible. I much prefer the stuff at BK or Wendy’s, or from the bottle at other restaurants/home.

As far as I’m concerned, french fries are just a vehicle for bringing ketchup to my mouth.

And I say this as one from Pittsburgh: You do not insult the mighty Heinz!!!
(Before I was laid off, everyday coming to work, I’d see the huge Heinz bottle sign, slowly pouring out, from its perch on the roof of the History Center.
Heinz isn’t just a ketchup around here – it’s an institution.
(Dammit, I think I’m gonna have some chips later…dipped in a little bit of ketchup. Screw onion dip!)

Hunts IS ketchup

I noticed a slight difference in Heinz ketchup in a bottle, in the packets or the big resturant types. I think the packets do taste a bit sweeter. I am not sure if it’s true or just a perception. Perhaps you use less so the sweetness shows.

Could it have something to do with the fact that it is packaged in foil?