Heinz v. Hunts

The marketing boys are sleeping well tonight.

My relatives are so wrapped up in brand loyalty is makes me sick. I was sent out to buy ketchup for the wieners and burgers. Fine, I’ll whip on over to Cumby’s (convenience store) and be back in five minutes.

Oh no. That’s too easy. I wasn’t allowed to buy anything but Heinz ketchup. Hunts just would not do. So I ended up having to drive to the frickin-frackin grocery store and stand behind every college student with a fake ID in their trembling little hands trying to buy a case of Smirnoff Ice.

It took me a half an hour to buy a single bottle of manna of the gods, I mean, Heinz ketchup.

And dig this argument – I was told that the difference between Heinz and Hunts is comparable to my aversion to Maxwell House coffee in favor of locally roasted fresh ground beans.

So I shot them.

No I didn’t … but jeez-louise, this isn’t rocket science. Both ketchups are mass produced by virtually identical processes in factories 1000’s of miles from here, how friggin’ different can they be?!?

Now you might be quick to comment, “Nice rant, Jack, what’s it doing in this forum?”

To which I’d respond with several creative swear words – but I won’t.

Instead I’ll put it to the Teeming Millions…

Which is the better ketchup: Heinz or Hunts? Or does it make one god-damned bit of difference?

Thank you for you kind attention.

And the weenies were great … thanks for asking.

I have Heinz right now. It’s best at room temp. Hunts is an all-weather ketchup and can be eaten cold. I’m going to get Hunts next time.

Heinz for me.
Especially on hot dogs. :smiley:

Hunts sucks, too sweet. Its fine in a pinch at a picnic, but I’m a Heinz man. And now that the Steelers play at Heinz Field I have even more reason to buy Heinz. I’m also a ketchup (catsup) fiend. That might make a difference too. If you are not a big ketchup eater you probably dont care, but its a big difference to me.

Absolutely Heinz. No comparison. I’ll even drink Pepsi instead of Coke at times sub[/sub]… but I won’t buy some inferior Ketchup. No-siree Bob… errr… Jack.

Actually, I am suprised that you found a store that didn’t carry Heinz. I don’t think I’ve ever noticed a store (even a corner store) that sold ketcup not have Heinz.

Hunts is horrible. Its like Heinz with double the sugar and water. Store brand/generic is better than Hunts.

Pittsburgher here. NO HUNTS!!! HUNTS=EVIL!!!

Heinz. Gotta be Heinz.

Heinz is the best ketchup I’ve tasted. I have never liked Hunts. It must be watered down or something, cause it sucks on fries. Maybe it’d be better on burgers or something, but I don’t really like ketchup, no matter the brand.

Hunts? What is this Hunts of which you speak?

Mr. Adoptamom is definately a Heinz fanatic. I even tried to trick him once by putting Hunts that I found on sale into the empty Heinz bottle - he knew right away.

DH’s preference has influenced the AdoptaKids, too.

Me? no preference one way or the other.

All ketchups/catsups are not alike! It’s Heinz or my burger goes nekkid.

You’re all brainwashed sheep. It’s the homemade touch that counts.

I think Clark Griswold said it best when he said…

“Real tomato ketchup, Eddie?”

  1. “there’s no other keinz”
  2. EZ Squirt coloured ketchup - beat THAT!(http://www.heinz.com/jsp/consumer_faq.jsp#8)
  3. Hi Opal.
  4. Homemade ketchup is terrifying.

Well, I’m glad to see you all like Hunts…tomato candy.

Am I evil if I buy Hunts next time? The thing is, Heinz doesn’t taste good cold. Maybe I shouldn’t have put it in the fridge in the first place.

Heinz is sooooooooo much better than Hunts! I can tell when I eat it if it is Heinz or Hunts!

Jack, you lost me once you mentioned weiners and ketchup <barf!>

Heinz all the way.

Jeez, I put mustard and relish on them too.

Heinz. Nothing else. No store brands, no hunts, no homemade. They all have too much damn sugar.

Heinz by a mile. I once, early in my marriage, bought Hunt’s because it was on sale. That look from my husband…brrrrr. I gave the Hunt’s to my sister and it’s been Heinz ever since.

Divorce attorneys are SOOOO expensive…

Heinz for me. It really is richer and thicker.