Hell on Heels: The Battle of Mary Kay

Am I the only one who’s gonna admit to planning on watching this disaster tonight?

You don’t say…

When I clicked on this thread, no post appeared. Hampsters, I thought. So, I replied, “You don’t say…”

Actually, Lola, I’d think that many women who have been successful and unsuccessful at the MK biz will watch. We’ll be watching baseball, but I’m sure my wife’s cousin will park her pink Cadillac long enough to watch.

Hehe, I know AskNott - I fixed it before you posted! ;):stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll be watching, but to scan for a friend of mine in the crowds. I’m sure it will be impossible to spot her though.

Ignorant Aussie asks - who’s Mary Kay? Or rather, where is Mary Kay? Or rather, was there a military battle of some sort?

Oh darn! I hate it when I get’s confused!

Here ya go.

My mother buys her stuff from a Mary Kay commando. I was talked into a makeover by this woman, who decided that since I have blue eyes, I needed to wear blue eyeshadow, blue eyeliner, and blue mascara to match. I ended up looking like a really expensive trailer whore.


BooBooFoo ~ It was a made-for-TV Sunday night movie about Mary Kay’s life starring none other than Shirley MacLaine, Parker Posey, and Shannen Doherty.


Well, if she’s in a crowd of Mary Kay Commandoes, she’ll be easy to spot if she’s not wearing the same war paint… :wink: