Hello again!

Just wanted to say hello. According to the software I last visited on September 24, 2002 (at 2:38 pm, to be exact).

I was surprised to learn that there is now a fee associated with membership, but that’s probably a good idea. (However, if it is intended to keep the riffraff out, my enrolling is a counterexample.) Since I continue to be independently wealthy (my wealth is independent of my income–Mrs. Pluto holds the purse strings) coughing up the requisite change was no problem.

For those who don’t know me I’m a software engineer working for a large(!) airplane manufacturer in the Seattle area. I’m a big fan of Leo Kottke and you can be my friend if you know who he is.

I used to post fairly regularly. I’ve forgotten why I stopped. It’s unlikely that it was because I ran out of things to say. I will confess that it was my misguided attempts to answer people’s real questions in other forums that finally made me realize I didn’t know everything. Now I only know most things.

Looking forward to picking up where I left off–


You called?
Welcome back!

Welcome back, pluto! smooches, whips out the champagne Who’s down for a party?

Hey hey, welcome back! :slight_smile:

pluto - be welcome (back). Enjoy your stay! :slight_smile:

Where’s the pie?

Welcome back, pluto.

Man. Just wade right in and start swingin’ why doncha.

Here’s someone else (or more accurately, two someone elses) who has recently returned from the hinterlands:

Welcome back. But there was really no need to moon us.


Hello! I’ve only been here a year, but welcome back!

Another Seattlite?! Hooray! (I’m uh… new to Seattle, too.) :smiley:

Welcome back.

Has the debate over your planetary status been keeping you busy?

Welcome back, Pluto! I remember you. Tis a different place from the olden daze of yon, but still a mighty fine one.

Hopes that you will continue to participate, enunciate, erudiate, and all points theretofore.

So good to have Pluto come back right before whence his mythical self holds reign. Hell, yeah!

Welcome back!

A banquet in your honour has been laid on, just down the corridor. Third room on the right. :slight_smile:

I understand the seafood is… interesting.

“Busted Bicycle” “Vaseline Machine Gun” “Stealing” “Morning is a Long Way Home”

So, I guess I can be your friend, huh?


P.S.: If you know who “Stealing” was stolen from, you can be my friend.


Welcome back!

We want all the details. All The Sordid Details, man, of life in the outside world.

Well, hello. We were almost two ships that passed in the night – until you came back. I joined in October after you left in September. I hate being a cliche anyway.

I saw Leo Kottke perform here in Nashville several years ago. I think we have a VHS around the house somewhere too. He is so smoooooth. Do you play?

Welcome back!

I *know * someone who is a big fan of Leo Kottke. Does that count?

Ha! We’ve actually met - in the long ago days when you posted. Welcome back!

Yes, I remember you Sassy – barflies and mariachi bands, IIRC.

Glad to see a few Kottke fans. I’m ashamed to admit I don’t know where "Stealing " was stolen from.

And yes, I’ve acquired a moon (or two or three) and have been battling to uphold my planetary status but I think common sense well prevail.

In my other identity, running things down here has been, well, hell. Skyrocketing oil prices are forcing cutbacks – we now alternate the flames: on for a million years, off for a million years. Brimstone futures are looking good though.