HELLO... hello...

Ok, ok. NOW the fur’s going to fly!! Bad enough he uses MY name; and then he compounds the problem by actually typing THAT word!!!

Yes, honey (Mr Bear to you eavesdroppers). That post was not made by me, but by a certain flyboy who had better watch his back today while we’re at the swim park. And, if he’s watching me too much, I’ll just get one of our kids to help me out!
And, one last thing. Chief: get a life! Have you ever met Rosy Palmer and her 5 sisters?? Wink

::yawn:: This time I’m back, but I am wearing my scrubs and I have to go to work.

Oo. What color? Can I see any cleavage?

Down, boy. Down. :slight_smile:

Chief, it’s just proof you shoulda gone into the Army. Camp followers can’t follow you out to sea.

My scrubs are a sort of purple shade…and when I lean over the animals, yes, you can see cleavage! Cleavage, and the white satiny bra holding it all together.

Michi, does the seam of your scrub pants separate your cheeks, and does the fabric, soft from too many antiseptic washings, cling to the dimples in your buttocks?

Jeeze, now you have me talking like the Chief. But scrubs can be unbearably sexy.

Uh…my scrubs are baggy…they don’t cling to anything! One day i showed up at the clinic in everyday clothes, and one of my coworkers looked at me and jokingly asked where THOSE things came from (meaning my breasts, of course).

thinks about finding an injured dog to bring in, just so he can get such a nice view as Michi bends over as she describes

Oh, wait, you are in Florida…well, I’ll keep dreaming.

gets that far away look on his face again.

thinks about becoming an injured dog, just so I can get a better view as Michi bends



“Michi, bring in the next dog to be neutered.”

::yawn and sigh::

last patient of my shift was a yellow lab with some eye problems. This dog had no manners and I had to wrestle it to the ground so the doctor could look at it. Paws flailing, the dog landed a solid blow to my left breast. Ouch.

…but did someone come back as a dog and feel Michi up?

Tsk, tsk. Any minute now, the panting will start up again…

“I didn’t punch that doggie”

Well, it is 9:30 AM and I am back in my undies (yellow cotton this time).

My boob hurt for a while…if that was what being “felt up” is like, no thanks! I felt like something in there ruptured (and considering what I have inside my chest, that is not a good thing!) Anyway, I feel better now, I’m just surprised no one offered to kiss it better. ::wink:: (see? no smiley face)

Woof. Arf-bark.*

*Translation: Nice firm boob!

Slurp-lick pant.

I’ll kiss your boob boo-boo if it makes you feel better…

…really, I don’t mind…

kiss Whoops! Wrong boob, kissed the right one. Here, I’ll kiss the left one now. :: wink ::