HELLO... hello...

HELLO… HELLO… hello… hello…

Seven time zones away.
Waiting for the Open Championship coverage to start.
Work done for the day.
And no one around to play with.

harumphing over to CNNSI.COM

Well, I may stick around for a couple minutes…

Well, I’m here…but I am getting ready to go to bed. I just got home from work.

Oo, oo!

Hottie on board! Fuck golf!

Hello, baby. In your nightie yet?

Did I say that first part aloud?

Nope, no nighty, just my white cotton undies!


(not working)

I wonder how fast I can get from LA to Tampa?

Screw it, I’ll just take a cold shower.

Oo, whitie-tighties! Half-bra? Under wire? Victoria’s Secret? Bikinis or briefs?

Have you applied your nighttime moisturizer yet?

If not, I volunteer to liberally apply it… all over!

YOU are excused, DRY! Stand down.

No again, Chief…no bra…just my underwear!

I am not ready to apply my moisturizer just yet. I haven’t taken my hot bath (with bubbles).

Anyway, I do have to get going now. I’m exhausted.

Good lord Chief, Don’t let her get away from ya. <grin>

Oh, well. She’s gone.

A babe with bare boobs in a bubble bath.

Dr. Seuss didn’t have my alliterative skills…

Boy, I can strike out half a world from the game! Gotta be a new low.

“How bravely thou becomest thy bed, fresh lily,
And whiter than the sheets!”
–Cymbeline, Act 2, Scene ii
::fleeing from Chief Scott::


It’s ok Chief; she’s gone. Tell yer lil swabbie to ‘stand down’! ::Eeeeeevil Grin!::
(She is WAY cute, isn’t she?)


That last post was not from PB; I’m VB! Now how the hell do I get this changed back?!

Sheesh! This is almost as bad as sharing my toothbrush!

And if anyone doesn’t believe I’m not Purp, then one word: ROACH!

(She can’t stand’em)

Nice try, pb.

We all VB would never “smilie” me, even with the Wally in the sig.

Ya can’t fool anyone, putz.

We all know… blah, blah, blah.

Also I like your budding lesbian tendancies. Mr. Bear know?

Jeez Chief! Maybe it’s your sublte hints that scared her off.

Nothing like ferocious intensity to set the mood. :eek:

Hell, aenea! I ain’t messing around no more! It’s been too long!

BTW, what aren’t you wearing?

That’s all the proof I need! She can’t say the name little lone type it!

I am now!

Poor Chiefy…all alone with no one to play with. :slight_smile: