Ladies and gentlemen, put your hands together for...

…a friend of mine.
This dude is really cool, and a hell of a lot smarter than I am.
Nice and funny, considerate and punctual, all in all a great guy.
I can’t say enough about him, so please, try to make this newbie feel welcome… has been lurking for quite some time, so he should be able to avoid all newbie blunders.
Without furhter ado, it gives me great pleasure to introduce to you, the one, the only,


And there was much rejoicing.

Sticking feathers up your butt does not make you a chicken.

Hi, Santi’s friend!

Post something.


Don’t worry…we don’t bite…hehehehehe…

Cristi, Slayer of Peeps

I made my husband join a bridge club. He jumps next Tuesday.

(title & sig courtesy of UncleBeer and WallyM7!)

Nobody told me when I started posting here that I could have handlers.

“We are here for this – to make mistakes and to correct ourselves, to withstand the blows and to hand them out.” Primo Levi

C’mon cumberbunk! If Lex recommends ya, I’ll take you on (as a potential cyber pal).

Let’s see your stuff!

Maybe there is no cumberbunk, did you ever stop to consider that, guys?

Maybe it’s Lex’s imaginary friend.

He’ll be here any minute now…
<looking around and at entrances nervously>

He’s usually punctual, that is.

NO NO. I am hear. My friend gives me much to much applause. Hello all. It’s good to be part of the team. Part of the system. In the know. All that jazz. I hope sniff sniff that my tenure here will be long and prosperous.

Oh buddy ol’ pal forgive my tardiness in this matter. I was caught in a lock down.

Welcome cumberbunk.

I know who you are.

Cumberbunk…as a first day “virgin?” newbie, let me just say…RUN, don’t look back. All this will be a terrible, fading memory in time. Or, if you insist on procedding, which proves you belong here…use your seatbelt, things seem to get rolling around here.

<pulls dragonlady out of the crowd, up into the limelight>

And now, for your dancing and singing pleasure,

<flips switch for "applause sign>

Thanks for the info. I will keep it all in mind as my lack of whit is soundly pounced on time and time again. This shall be fun.

Well, you were right, Lex. He’s way smarter than you.

9Wally hates smileys)

Don’t make me smack you again, Wally…
You remember what happened last time.

One big ass :wink: for you, ma man!

And a big bugs bunny style smooch for ya, right on the kisser.

ah, welcome cumberbunk, may the intellect of Cecil be with you

…for more silky smooth segues, write to “silky smooth segues” 610 n 10th street, Albuquerque NM 87109.

I hope it enlightens me and doesn’t numb the mind to the point of no return. Ahhh but then will it matter?

Another newbie! Hello, there, cumberbunk! pleased to meetcha, I’m purplebear, your resident hugger, and an occasional flirt. :wink:

I also like smilies, even though ChiefScott gets mad at me for using them so much.

Hop right in, and if you get a chance, hop over to my welcome to my hubby(newbie today too!) thread and say hi to a fellow newbie.

To quote my favorite Vulcan: Live long and prosper.

You are more than a human being, you are a human becoming.
Og Mandino

That’s my name, not a description. I am neither purple nor a bear. Okay, so I’m purple.<a true Wally original!>

My bad!! Oops! Forgot the most important part!


Thanks purplebear for the warm welcome.