Attn Wally!

Turn on your ICQ, please.

(Everyone else, please pardon the personal message. Thank you.)

Inoperative Cycle Quotient

Huh? Chief, you lost me on that one. You haven’t been hittin’ the sauce again, have you? :wink:

Shayna, Shayna, Shayna…

Check out Amy’s “Putzcycle thread.”

“(Everyone else, please pardon the personal message. Thank you.)”

No problem, Nobody else listen…(quit shoving! there’s room for all)…nobody else listening in.

Uhm, ok.

Oh, and please forgive the use of that gawd-awful smilie. I don’t know what I was thinking. I forgot to whom I was speaking for a moment. [winking smilie not inserted here on purpose.]

LMAO, Dude! Thank you, I appreciate the courtesy. Welcome to the board. Have we hazed you yet? [big toothy smilie would go here.]

Your smiley-self-control is admirable, Shayna.

BTW, we’re all waiting with baited breath…
Has Wally gotten off his ass and turned on his ICQ?

The Teeming Millions await.

He’s to busy writing to his limey bastard pal with the big ass knockers.

Genuine Wallymotto:

“Hey! Cleavage is cleavage!”

It’s on, wiseguys, and guess who we’re talking about.

Oh, and this is a private thread. Scram.

Yeah, get the hell out of our thread. We’re trying to have cybersex here, guys. Sheesh! Can’t a couple get any privacy in this place?

I’m not looking. Honest! Although I would suggest a bit more lube.

Did somebody say cybersex? Is that like phone sex without the receiver?

Shayna: Wally’s limey bastard pal with the big ass knockers.

(Shayna, take no offense. It’s Wally we want. You’re just an innocent bystander, cut down in the prime of your life.)