Hello, I'm a newbie!

I guess you know the routine.


No, I don’t. But then I have only been here a couple of years. What is the routine?

Perhaps you could provide us with a bit more that a blank profile, and a one line post to get to know you? Or maybe pose a question on some topic you find interesting. Ask advice on a personal matter you find troubling, or humorous.

What you get out of this message board will depend in greatest measure on what you put into it.

Welcome, and I hope you find your way around.


no comment

Sorry, but I don’t know the routine since I’m new.

I just wanted to say hello, it’s good for the ego :wink:

Nice place. I think I will lurk around here for some time, before I star to annoy you with my posting. I’ll be around.

Don’t worry William,

Annoying me is a nearly risk free exercise. Lurking a bit is probably not a bad plan, although you should feel free to dispell any ignorance you find yourself qualified to eliminate. You really have to be fast to answer the General Questions, most times, as there are a whole lot of folks just panting and drooling for a chance to fight ignorance.

By the way, don’t ask anyone for words ending in “gry” or whether or not Bill Gates will really buy you a computer for forewarding his Email.



You don’t know how rare that whole “no comment” thing was.

'Sup? I’m a newbie too!
The routine, it seems to me, is that we take you and hold you upside-down in a vat of tepid sourcream and whack you repeatedly with a rolled-up Victoria’s Secret catologue. I hear when you reach 100 posts they take you upstairs with two whores, a german shepherd, and a vat of axle grease, but us newbies’ll take it as it comes.

I know the routine but my fan kicks suck.
Can’t we do the alternate routine? We took 3rd at Finals with that one.

Well last I checked the routine involved much flirting, profuse amounts of alcohol and lots of nakedness.
So welcome to the newbies! Love the name DarkPrince.
Anyone care to start with the nakedness?


Already got that covered, starting on the alchohol now. :smiley:

William B Davis?

So are you dead on the X-Files or what? We need closure on this point.

That’s right, I stole it from the X-files, but I’m no big fan.
One day I created a CSM login on another forum - just for fun. And since that day I got stuck with that name. When I’m bored with that switch to the actors name, it sounds so distinguished.

Welcome William (and DarkPrince too, for that matter!)…

As for the routine: here, hold these condoms. I’ll be right back with the marmot, the handcuffs, the BELT[sup]TM[/sup], and the olive oil.

You guys might want to prepare yourselves with some meditation and/or prayer…

*Astroboy staggers off into the Back Room of the SDMB, humming tunelessly to himself… a plaintive bleat, sounding suspiciously sheep-y can be heard as he opens the door…

See, now when I saw your name I thought of Alice from The Brady Bunch…

Come on Astroboy you gotta give them a little time to get used to it here and get all comfy before you do that again. Do you remember the last time? I do. Uhhh I think the poor kid is still in therapy over it.

While we were still at AOL, newbies were branded. Dunno if we still have any branding irons, they might be over at The Fabulous Forums of Fathom.

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH! Look at the newbies!!!


I can’t wait! Only about 30 more posts 'til I get my whores! Hooboy!!!

And that whole tepid sour cream thing? It’s only for the males. Us females have to send naked pics to Crunchy Frog. :slight_smile: You might want to head on over to his welcome wagons threads to get that Victoria Secret whipping now…

Thanks for the olive oil. Seems you got a really nice dungeon over here.

“Alice from The Brady Bunch”, that was earlier. I was young and needed money …

Astroboy pulls on a rubber glove with a loud SSSPACK!

C’mon, Tiki, tradition is tradition!

Astroboy pulls on the other glove… SSSPACK!

Hey, hold this blowtorch for a second, will you? I need to get the branding iron ready…

Hey, anybody seen the KY jelly?

Astroboy, I wasn’t aware they used jelly in Kentucky. As far as I know, it’s all peanut butter n’ grits there.


Maybe I should have registered as B.J. Spankman.
Is there a rule against multiple log ins?

The admins don’t like multiple user names. If you’re serious about changing yours, ask Tubadiva.