Hello MMP....I'm Back!

Hello all! After a long hiatus I am back. I am sure most of you didn’t really notice but I did get some nice PMs while I was gone. The rest of you are forgiven :wink: j/k. I know you all have lives outside the MMP, right?

Well this MMP is just for that. Talk about the latest developments of your going ons IRL.

As for me and mine, Celeste was born on June 5,2013 and is now almost 8mo old. The twins Allison and Lucas are 6 as of Nov 2013 and are a constant challenge and delight.

My hubby graduates in May of this year with his Pharm D. This has been a long time coming and we are both looking forward to his graduation!

I have recently started quilting. I am learning through Internet research, YouTube howtos, and trial and error. I have also gotten a little obsessed with setting up my 20gallon freshwater tank. I have decided to do a live planted tank. It is a mess but oh so satisfying to see my little creation thrive with plants and animals interacting and living together.

So in conclusion, I MISSED YOU GUYS :stuck_out_tongue: tell how’s it been with y’all

Great to hear from you Apes!

**Apes **is back! :D:D:D

Off to irk. After irk there will be no more irk for a week. I’m looking forward to this, can you tell?


Morning all,

Pretty quiet here at the orafice as the majority of peeps are off because of the holiday. There is absolutely nothing exciting going on here. NOTHING! Of course we are going to have a mini snowpocalypse tomorrow right in the middle of the irk day. Ugh! Other than that i got zilch.

My back hurts.

I’m grumpy.

Meeting my aunt tomorrow for lunch, and then the architect who has to certify that grandma’s house is in livable condition.

Did I mention I have a toothache?

I hope y’all are feeling less crappy.

Good Mornin’ Y’all! Up and caffienatin’. YAWN 'Tis 28 Amurrkin out with a predicted high of 60 and sunny for the day. Also, no irk today. YAY!!!

Apes good to see ya back. I’ve kept up with your quiltin’ adventures on fb as well as Allison’s problem with sleep. Hopefully the latter is gettin’ some kind of resolve now. Yay for hubby’s pendin’ graduation!

Life here is as bland and borin’ as ever. However, I like that. I should do some cave cleanin’ today. We shall see.

Tonight, as I mentioned in the last MMP, is men’s night over to the church house. I always look forward to that. I’m goin’ over early to do prep stuff. Might have that all to myself this evenin’ as the other person who usually comes to do this is out of town due to family illness. It’s all good though. I really do better when I am by myself. I know what needs doin’ and when it should be done.

Ok, now I need more caffiene and rumbly tummy wants sustenance. Then, well, who knows!

Happy Moanday Y’all!

ETA: Nava hope the tooth and back are feelin’ better soonest.

Who do you think you are, Me?

less toothachy today but still blurfy

It’s pretty quiet today. Almost too quiet. I better have the perimeter guards make more rounds.

Good morning, y’all.

Got to have dinner with a friend of mine from way back when on Friday. He’s been through a lot since I last saw him in 1989. He was always a big guy, but he’s even bigger now. Seems he has a form of gigantism. I wanted to start calling him Bean, but he wouldn’t get the reference.

Welcome back, Apes! I actually started quilting recently, as well. Or, to be honest, I started sewing some crap together and then attaching it to a blanket I bought at the store and all my friends are terribly impressed, but I know it’s cheating. :slight_smile:

Nava, toothaches suck. If you can get some clove oil, it’s the only thing that got me through my recent extraction. Burns a little on first contact and if you’re not careful you’ll numb your entire face, but it will be enormously helpful at keeping you a regular human being until you can get to the dentist. I can’t believe nobody told me about it until recently.

This weekend was supposed to be a whole lot of moving things to our storage space followed by a whole lot of cleaning. We got the storage part down–our 5x7 storage space is now completely full–just with stuff we weren’t using. And I could totally put more stuff in storage if I had any room left.

The cleaning didn’t go quite as well. I mostly cleaned the guest room and Roomie did a great job on her room, but that’s all that got finished. My bedroom is mostly done, but as I said on Facebook yesterday, the rest of my house looks like a junkyard threw up a craft store inside a Blockbuster. We’re not supposed to work on Monday nights, but I’ve got a realtor coming on Wednesday and I have to make it at least presentable before then. I should have finished up yesterday afternoon, but I really spent post-lunch-through-bedtime on the couch watching Veronica Mars because I was tired and my everything hurt.

Afternoon, all…nice to see you’ve not forgotten us, Apes :slight_smile:

Life rumbles on over here as usual, went to see my doting parent yesterday and she is very much better after a week of horse-pill sized anti-biotics. She finishes them today and has a follow-up at the horsepistol in a few weeks for a chest x-ray. I’ve done two loads of her laundry (washed, dried, folded and put away) and got some shopping as well so she will be fine having a quiet week building up her strength.

I have irk, it is not too irksome at present either which makes a nice change.

From the last MMP, Flytrap - I have trained the Sri Lankan troops to march straight into their particular mode of transport and assemble ready for manoeuvres, it’s the first thing they learn in case they get shipped out in a hurry. Clearly with so much demand, I need to recruit Nuts as a trainer otherwise I’ll never be able to keep up. Pretty soon Sri Lanka won’t have any commando spiders left because they’ll all be reporting to me <insert maniacal laugh>

The National Weather Service has issued a French Toast Watch for Southerne Merrylande. Apparently, the potential for 6" of snow tomorrow will create a feeding frenzy at the local Wally*World today. :rolleyes:

SIX INCHES? I grew up near Lake Michigan. Six inches there was a light dusting.

I have fed myself and purtified. Big accomplishments on a day off, right? :smiley:

Should move to the Yoo-Kay; half an inch of soggy snow and the country grinds to a halt. Six inches means the end is nigh.

Just phoned the council- thoroughly unimpressed by their phone system- the threatening letter they sent had a note saying ‘call us on this number if you wish to discuss the situation’. I called the number, and it just went round and round in circles with an automated voice basically saying ‘You got that letter because you’re a bad person. Cough up some dough now’, only more patronising. I eventually managed to find a completely unrelated option that put me through to an actual person, who told me that yes, they were trying to charge me for a rental flat I wasn’t living in. They then put me on hold after 30 seconds, and wandered off for 20 minutes until the phone timed out and cut off. I did call back, and they claimed it might be sorted out, and I should get a ‘revised bill’ through the post :dubious:

I said there shouldn’t be a bill at all, it wasn’t my error and I can actually prove it (I have letters with this address on, from the council, dated in the first few days of September, which is within a week of me moving to this address, so they really can’t pretend I didn’t tell them I’d moved until October as they’d claimed), and she sort of went, ‘Uhh, yeah…’

I wait with interest.

Today I shall mostly be washing everything. I’ve realised the ‘sensitive’ washing capsules I’ve been using are aggravating my eczema- it’s maybe not the whole problem, but it’s definitely part of it, so I’m re-washing basically everything I own. I wish we had a dryer.

Welcome back ,Apes!
Morning. I’m up, caffeinated, and off work today. I see slothage in my future.

Oops, forgot the Apes welcomebackage! :smiley:

When did the UK move to North Carolina?

Four and a half hours left.

And so the Amish take-over for world domination continues! <rubs hands together in glee>

Work has been good and better - some long weeks here and there. We had one series “attempt” by a “perp” but he was soooooo bad at being a crook it was almost laughable.

Looking forward to amusement park season. We already have at least one trip scheduled from April to October. We’re even getting a special sneak peak into Kentucky Kingdom before it officially reopens! That was always one of our top ten parks so its going to be cool to see it back in operation again.

Still doing the French and Indian War stuff but am also shooting some modern stuff too. An older friend sold me some Mausers and Lugers so I hooked into a couple military rifle and pistol leagues.

Too many funerals which I guess is the norm at my age. But all in all, not a bad life.

Happy Moonday!

It’s a sunny 41 with a projected high of 48. Then it gets cold.
Today I’ll check out what food I have around here and what’s needed so I can buy it today. Then I won’t have to go out in the cold unless I want to.
It feels good to be back home. I slept almost 12 hours last night, I needed it. However, I have the I stayed in bed too long headache going on,

I sent the realtor a list of houses to see about and he never got back to me. I’ll send him a reminder today and hopefully go see something some time this week, even if it is cold outside. I have a lunch date with a friend this week although we haven’t decided on which day yet.

Welcome back Apes
I hope you feel better Nava and Rosie

what should I have for lunch?