Hello. My name is Kwyj, and I a Civiloholic.

I’ve been playing Civ3 now for 2 days now and I’m hooked. I mean, I can’t stop playing.

When I do stop, all that is on my mind is when I will get my next fix.

You see, my space ship is almost built, my nukes are ready, and Berlin is surrounded. I CAN’T LOOSE!

THOSE GAWD DAMED BASTARDS TOOK MY IRON MINE RIGHT FROM UNDER MY NOSE! BASTARDS! YOU’RE FOR IT NOW YA LITTLE FU*KERS! Yeah, I know we have a peace treaty, but I’m wiping my ass with it as we speak!!! <Pant Pant Pant>

Gotta get home…gotta get home…

So far, I’m finding the Lighthouse to be really valuable. I tend to play with a lot of water and small land masses. Other cultures will really pay through the nose to get communication with other cultures. So I just sail around, meeting other folk, selling my world map and communication to the other cultures for about 25 gold per turn.

Another time, I was between the Iroqois (sp?) and the Aztecs. I offered right of passage to the Aztecs for 50 gold per turn, and they turned me down. The Iroqouis accepted the deal and took forever to get across my land. They took several Aztec cities before peace was declared, and they withdrew. Soon, my culture overwhelmed them and I took over those cities. Sweet! And at a tidy profit, too. And no loss of life.

I started out playing as the Americans, but I’m finding playing as the Germans better suits me. I’m a science-whore.

Yeah, I’ve found that the Aztecs are pretty arrogant and belligerent.

I played as England, but I’m going to try Germany myself, and on a map of islands.

Again…gotta get home, gotta get home… :wink:

I haven’t yet acquired a copy of CIV3 so reading about others playing the game, er… simulation, is torturous!!!

Maybe some CIV 1 this afternoon will hold me over…