Hello, new here

At least, not one made from human!

We have a neat little pizza dive that does reasonable (I have to assume) stromboli and calzones. They also have baked ziti which I just had to try after seeing The Sopranos go ape over it, especially AJ.

Still trying to locate some affordable sfogliatella (which is what I hear them say as something like shru-ya-dell).

Got any of that in your area?

Hey Tanookie!

MA here too. Are there ever any New England DoperFests?

Hi. HS!

Carry on…

Hello HumanStromboli and welcome!

Optionsguy is in Richmond VA too, but isn’t on this board very much any more.

Bizzwire… there’s supposed to be one on August 19…

I’ll have to spur the group to make a decision and post a thread!

Do’h make that the 16th.

Someday I will learn to read.

Hello, HumanStromboli. Welcome aboard. :slight_smile: