Hello, new here

First post, just wanted to say hi. Hope this is the appropriate forum to do so…

A little information on myself, if you care: I’m from Richmond, VA, lived in DC for a few years too. I’m a long-suffering Baltimore Orioles fan, think Minnie Driver is beautiful, and try my very best to act as obnoxiously as Al Pacino did in “Heat.”

Welcome to the boards!

I’m from Brooklyn, love beer, and work too much.

Hope you enjoy your stay.

Welcome! Yep, this is the right forum. Be on the lookout for MADoper threads - there’s a big Mid-Atlantic Doper contingent that parties a lot. They’re good people. No, really, they are! :smiley:

I was an Orioles fan in the days of Brooks Robinson and Jim Palmer and Boog Powell - back in the late Memorial Stadium. Haven’t been to Camden Yards yet.

Welcome to the boards :slight_smile:

I’m from MA (motto: we don’t need no steeenkin’ dopefests)

I’m afraid I don’t really like sports and I’ve never seen ‘Heat’ :slight_smile:

Good luck and hope you enjoy the boards. Considering your first thread made it into the right forum you are off to a good start!

I’m new here myself, but welcome HS!

Originally from Brooklyn as well; now live part of the year in London (which means I love beer even more!), and I’m on airplanes too much…

Seems like a great board - nice people/good dialogue - enjoy.

Heat is one fine movie. Pacino and DeNiro in one place finally. They shared the screen a couple of times in GF2, but never the same scene.

Welcome to SDMB, HumanStromboli. Nice nick.

Wow. Thanks for the welcomes! And so quickly! (I’d suspect not everyone here is so cordial, right? :wink: )

Fairy Chat Mom , thanks for the heads-up on the MADopers. I’ll be on the lookout to see what that’s all about. And Camden Yards is wonderful. It is “missing something” that Memorial Stadium had, but it’s a beautiful place to see a game.

And Zeldar , thanks for the compliment on the username. :slight_smile:

I was just in London a few weeks ago. Loved it.

Winning teams?

And Welcome.

I thought you looked familiar :stuck_out_tongue:

Plans to go back? I’m currently summering in scenic tropical Brooklyn myself :cool:

Hello to the both of you…** HumanStromboli

** and annaplurabelle!!!

I hope you enjoy your stay here…and may it be a LONG one!

Be nice, now…:smiley:

[sub]Well, of course that is just ME…many people would be very happy if you DIDN’T play nice. So I guess…do as you are.[/sub]

Welcome, um…everyone new in this thread!

And pardon me for asking, but what’s “Stromboli?”

welcome to the SDMB, HumanStromboli!
I am semi-new myself, and have found a wonderful group here.
When I first arrived, there were three Dopers who offered
encouragement, welcome, compiments, and advice,
I will NEVER forget them! The same will happen to you, I am certain!

Enjoy, learn, and look around! There’s some GREAT minds here!
Hope to meet you onthe boards again…you are doing fine!


That’s a good question. It’s the cousin of the calzone. Both are sort of inside-out pizzas. One of them has ricotta cheese inside, but I can’t remember which.

The **HumanStromboli ** handle goes back to college. Like many schools, we (George Washington Univ. in DC.) had a food court area that sort of replaced the more out-moded dining hall concept. One of the stops in the food court was, of course, a pizza place. The slices rated about a 14 on the Napkin/Grease Test, but the strombolis were really good.

We had a friend named Harry who was from Hong Kong; since our core friend group had three or four guys named Harry, we called him Hong Kong Harry for short. Hong Kong Harry spoke English very well, but I guess the combination of his lack of familiarity with some words and his rather dark wit led to a reputation for short, sarcastic answers.

So, one day Harry gets a stromboli that is basically “The Works”—everything but Spam. He strolls up to our table, and somebody asks, “Hey, Harry. What kind of stromboli is that?”

And he pauses for a second, no doubt not wanting to list everything in it, and answers, “Human.”

Of course, you had to be there , but it was funny enough to stick around as an expression when I recall college with some friends.

Yeah, next vacation, next year. :frowning:

I like the Brits, fun people.

Ricotta is the devil’s own cheese. Right there with feta. :shudder:
I’ve seen calzones on menus that have ricotta, and ones that don’t…hmm.
Welcome to the boards, HS. And apb.

Hi everybody! I’m new to this thread. As we’re all giving introductions, here’s mine: I like my hot dogs with salsa, my new favorite cable channel is Trio, I drive a 2002 Ford Taurus, I love Bloody Marys but lately the Tobasco has been giving me heartburn, my favorite number is 4, I’m a proud Dutchman, blondish hair, blue eyes, 6’4", and my least favorite weather condition is wind.

I’m a graduate of the University of Michigan, single, I just noticed that I have in unusually high number of scars on my hands, my baloney has a first name but it’s not O-s-c-a-r, and the presidential last name I’d most likely give to a dog is “Hoover.”
Happy :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue: :mad: :wally

Hi all! Well, if this is going to be the new people thread, I figure I’d better jump in.

I’ve been lurking long enough and finally started posting yesterday.

I’m a 17-year-old female from the Northwest (US), just graduated high school and will be going to a Christian University in the South in about a month to double major in Psychology and Bible (and I plan to continue studying Spanish, as well).

I don’t really know what else to say, but hi everyone!

Welcome! :slight_smile:

I despise your screen name, HumanStromboli. Not anything you’ve done, mind you. But there is nowhere in my hometown to get a good stromboli. Now I’m going to be hungry for one every time I see your name with no way to satiate my desire.