Hello People

Just joined recently and I haven’t made a hello thread so I thought I might as well (I’m also procrastinating because I hate editing films - can’t they just edit themselves?)

My name is Arabic for “The producer” the 5 is a stand in Arabs use when they type phonetically for a letter that is non-existent in English (the letter is similar to a Spanish J for anyone who knows Spanish). I’m trying to become a film-producer, hasn’t quite happened yet. I’m Egyptian living in England (Egyptians view me as British, Brits view me as Arab = not really either). I have very strong and controversial political opinions, but I’m not as vocal about them as I used to be, mainly during my occasional TV interviews. I’m enjoying this forum, joined because a lot of my googles led me here so I thought I might as well. I’m a border-line nerd, without the stereo-typical un-athleticism (it’s quite the opposite actually, I love sports). I like midnight walks they clear my mind, and the scene is beautiful by the river when the moon and stars are out.

So basically what I’m saying is: Hello Everyone!

Lurk a lot and get the feel of the place. We’re kind of quirky.
More than anything have fun and never be afraid to ask questions if you’re not sure how the community here does things.

Welcome, welcome! :slight_smile: Would you like some ice cream? I just made it.

Welcome to the Dope, L.mo5rg!
Do you like piña coladas?

Did you lock the cage this time?

He did, but Mariah got out anyway. She’s clever that way.

Welcome aboard, L.mo5rg. Hope you enjoy your stay.

Would love some! Have they enabled the “send ice cream through your monitor” feature on this forum yet?

Given that we seem to have a steady stream of new people who come in and start posting crap without being aware of the rules, or post Teh Crazy or The Stupid and don’t understand why they get shredded, I strongly recommend lurking for a while and paying attention to the dynamics of this place.

You have only to read these three current threads in the pit to get how well things work out for those;

I pit the derisive, condenscending, anti-conspiriacy propagandists

Can we not flame SunGazer to death? OK?

Evidence is irrelevant to mister nyxx

As for ‘strong but controversial opinions’, please be aware of board rules about insulting people outside of the pit, and please recognise that other people get to have their opinions too, no matter how distasteful, wrong or insane you may believe them to be.
But beyond the friendly warning using examples you may find entertaining, make yourself at home and enjoy your stay.

Have never tried them.

Hi L.mo5rg! Hope you have a long, enjoyable time here. :slight_smile:

(Watch out for Sunspace - he’s Canadian, you know.)

Welcome to you, L.mo5rg. A word of advice: When they ask you to step behind the curtains be ready for anything. And I mean anything.

No worries! Once I substituted fennel for the wasabi, the ice cream became quite subdued. Although it keeps making grabs for the oranges. Maybe I should make tiger tail next time.

Hey, hey, don’t tell anyone! I’ve just about got the Americans convinced I’m harmless!