Hello, Spring? Where are you?!

Is it just me, or has Spring in New England been like an under achieving alcoholic Uncle who pisses a lot and has the cold sweats?

We had a couple good days here and there while Spring sobered up, then the usual dreary, overcast blah of a day with spitting rain and mid 50s temps.

I was really getting used to the weekends of rain and cool temps that kept me inside to enjoy a movie or five.

Then, last Wednesday, it all just changed. Temps in the high 60s, but dew point off the chart, to the point where skin is sticky from humidity (and me without an air conditioner- grrrr that too far away outlet).

Thursday, it was the same, though not as bad.

Today (Friday) was not as humid, but the temperature was a good 10 degrees hotter.

So tell me, where the hell did Spring go? Like last year, we’ll just step from winter to summer with no spring.

Yeah, it’s been like that here in the mid-South, too. There have been maybe 4 or 5 days in the last 2 months that it hasn’t rained at least a little. It’s really getting to me, too; even Noah got a break from the damn rain after 6 weeks.

Northwest, also. Lots of rain, and temps setting records for the lowest highs for this time of year. Anemic flower production, and a hail storm the other day knocked most of the blossoms off of the dogwood trees. Very sucky, indeed. La Nina can kiss my soggy ass.

I wrote to Jeff Renner to ask if we are entering a new ice age. He hedged, finally saying La Nina was staying longer than usual. I’m still betting on ice.

I would welcome ice. Though this evening has turned out well with a cool breeze.

My christmas cactus has a few buds on it right now. That usually happens only in November. With the abruptness of a light switch, we went from cold & damp to blast furnace. That should get it back on track.

Spring finally got here pretty much this week, didn’t it? Except today was more like summer. It’s been a weird spring for sure.

i think that a lot of the northern USA has had a late warm up. i think this the cause of that is also the cause for the severe weather the east of the Rockies has experienced.

I think spring was laid off and its job has been outsourced to summer. Damp autumn fog has been putting in a few extra shifts, too.

We’ve (Colorado) had record snows in the mountains (approaching 200% of normal in some areas) along with a very cool spring, so runoff has been minimal so far. This week temps are forecasted to be in the high 80’s, setting up for massive snowmelt. If next week we were to see thunderstorms in the mountains and foothills, which is normal this time of year, it could trigger massive flooding.

The doomsday scenario is all teed up, if the slow moving thunderstorms show up in the next couple of weeks, watch out Golden, Boulder, Fort Collins, and many places west.

Well, i spent Memorial Day Monday at the beach, most of it in the water.

Air temps in the mid-70s, with a cool breeze. The water felt cold at first, but was perfectly bearable after some adjustment, and i spent a good couple of hours in the surf without a wetsuit.

Ah, Southern California.


We had pouring down rain this weekend and some mild, but cloudy days. This is not typical Sacramento spring weather. In reality spring is about two weeks between gray (winter) and hot (summer) somewhere in March or April. It’s actually shown up a couple of times this year and then vanished again. I’m ready for hot.

I live in DC and took a 5-day trip out to Colorado Springs last week. When I left DC, we had been having a cold, rainy spring with temps rarely above 70. The weather in C Springs was even more brisk. We returned from Colorado and it has been 95 degrees and suffocatingly humid ever since with no relief in sight. I don’t get it.

What is this Spring you speak of? :smiley: