It's the third week in May...

…and not only is the heat still on, with the house set to hang meat, but it is necessary. WTF??

The dogwoods are fading, and either the lilacs are going to have a strong finish, or they are having a less-than-stellar year.

What the hell happened to Spring?

96 today in Houston. Just sayin’.

Still 72 at 10pm here in Minnesota.

40 and dropping here. I normally give the gas company the finger the first week of May. Not this year!

In the 90s in Arkansas today. Sorry about your spring. Where are you?

82 (F) in Beijing today. It got up to 96 a couple of days ago. But, then Beijing isn’t really known for having more than one week of Spring.

South of Boston, East of Providence, a/k/a the littlest mob in the union.

It’s now down to 37. Al Gore needs to turn his pool up again. Even all the hot air generated on Beacon Hill is not warming things up any.

One lonely iris is blooming. Of course there are about 900 more right behind it…

Heh here n the CA high desert it’s went from 49 to 98 and back down in a week in n a half…usually by now we’re having 100+ days

Snowing in KC on Easter/April Fool’s Day. Still in the upper 30’s/low 40’s a couple weeks later. Less than a month after that, it was in the 90’s. No spring time here, straight from winter to summer.

Which is what happens in New England nearly every single year. As someone who has lived here since birth, I’ve only experienced a spring that remotely resembles the classic description of them twice in my entire life. This year was pretty typical: it snowed up until April 20th, got all the way up to 49F by April 30th and then it was 90F on May 2nd.

it’s a little rainy here in Fl, but temps have been nice, A/C is on.:cool:

Still jacket weather around here, in the SF Bay Area. Highs in the high 60s.

Southern Minnesota, highs in the 50’s.

This part of the state, we’ve had the 8th wettest May on record. 70 miles north, it’s the 5th driest May. Weird!

Warm and humid today, and after the sun set the humidity morphed into thick fog. Cold enough in the AM to need to have the heat on. Mother nature needs to get her hormones balanced.

Los Angeles: Sunny. 72. Our next weather report will be in five days.

Wait, really? Jackets in the high 60s?

It’s the damp, don’t you know.

Cancelled by Trump because he heard Obama was in favor of it.