'ckin snow?!

This is supposed to be England, land of boring climate. Why is it snowing now? It’s fucking settling, fer chrissakes?! It’s April, we should be rejoicing in the joys of damp cloudy days. Grrrrrr.

Well, it looks like the gulf stream has finally changed course and the glacier-building has begun!

It was 72 degrees F today, the tulips are in full bloom, the grass is green, trees are leafing out, and on Sunday we are expecting two feet of snow.

Colorado weather.

Two hours ago I was taking a motorcycle for a test ride. It’s hailing now.

Got about 3 inches of snow this morning,…so far. Forcast says up to 16".

Summer is still a ways off.

I love it. Anything that let’s me have a campfire this summer is welcome in my book!
Bring it on!

I love springtime in Colorado, you never know what you’re going to get. Last year at opening day of the SkySox (The Rockies AAA Farm team) we had thunder snow.
Yay precipitation!

Remember how I went to Yorkshire?

Well one thing I didn’t mention is how Cooooooold it was the last few days. It snowed too. (made having a coal fire all the more lovely)

It hardly ever snows in the Isle of Man. Here it’s nice and warm and summery.

9" here so far. It is coming down at 2" per hour. 30+ mph winds. Blizzard warning for most of eastern Colorado. Fun stuff.

The drifts (even here in Denver) are fairly high, if wet. But it will get cold tonight.

The most pitiable (and, for me, Pit-able) aspect of this is that tomorrow, everyone will feel that Life Must Go On, it will be unthinkable to stay home and let the office go for one day. Getting to work, whether by bus, car, whatever, will be one big frozen slush Accident Alert mess.

Hah. I composed a quite rhapsodic post about snow in April, and how nice that it was on Sunday and all so a minimum number of people actually had to be anywhere. Then while I was posting it my power went out!

But it’s back on now. (at last 2 inches of snow later)

What I love about this kind of weather is you can build a snow person (or fort, or goon, or whatever) and two days later when it’s 70 degrees, the snow goon is still there, albeit as a pretty much unrecognizable lump. But it still works as a resource for snowball fights!

(Probably I should grow up, now.)


Denver Blizzard of 2005 my ass. All the build up for this? Barely even freezing if it even is, 12 inches of snow the first 5 of which immediatly melted, no wind. Hell it isn’t even a blizzard if the biggest danger is puddles of water. In my blizzard tour I didn’t see even one road that looked like a problem.

It’s not 2003, it’s not 1997, and comparing it to '83 is just assinine.

sorriest. blizzard. ever.

The strawberries are late this year because of unusually prolonged winter weather (translate as “every other day is rainy”) :frowning:

Screw this, I’m going to Hawaii.

Or summer could be next week. Ya just never know.

It was nearly 80 degrees out today and sunny. Wisteria hangs heavy and fragrant from every tree branch. My lawn is a swampy, verdant mess from all rain and warm weather. The trilliums, phacelia, wood violets, and bloodroot are in full bloom in the woods.

God, I love the South.

I assume you mean '82.

The ‘Blizzard of 2005,’ however puny, did provide some moisture and a couple other benefits.
My school was indeed canceled after all, and my pup, who was supposed to get neutered today, will be reprieved until later arrangements can be made.

It’s as humid as hell here. And as we all know, it’s not the heat, it’s the humidity.