How are you doing today?*
Tell me something that happened in today’s journey.
Also, tell me about a red thing you can see from where you are posting.
(this offer valid to all dopers except to the evil Rue de Day who said that my dogs look like Peter Lorre. Mainly I am mad at him because that comment made me laugh and for that, he will pay. Oh yes. He will pay.)[/sub]

The battle continues in my attempt to get remote access set up for my work notebook. I’ve had it for over a year now and the goons in IT security still can’t figure out how to line up my user ID, my notebook, and a SecurID token all in one cosmic configuration that will allow me to log in from home. Turns out that the reason for the latest problem is that, although they have sent me two SecurID tokens (the first one languished and died when its battery gave out), they have no record whatsoever of my ever having requested one.

Soooo… they had me put in a request for a SecurID token, using the serial number of the one I’ve got, so they can post-date the paper trail…

Sitting on my desk is a red twist-tie that had a sack of three (3) macadamia nut-white chocolate chip cookies that I bought at lunch and managed to save until a whole half hour afterwards.

Well, I’m pretty stressed out - I’m having a rotten week at work, and have far more work on my plate than I can handle. So I’m bummed.

In today’s journey, I accidentally put on the the wrong shoes this morning, and they’re giving me blisters. Ouch.

The red thing? It’s a binder containing stacks of incomprehensible material about a research project that I’m heavily involved in and absolutely HATE.

Hi! I’m fine, thanks. How are you?

Today I determined the sex of my fruit flies and counted them after putting them to sleep with Fly-Nap[sup]TM [/sup]. The box has a picture of a fly sleeping with little ZZZZs in a thought bubble and everything. We didn’t have any more use for the flies, and we didn’t have a fly morgue (a jar of soapy water or vegetable oil) so I had to squash them after I had counted them.

The red thing that I can see here from my desk is the container of sinking pellet fish food for my Black Moor named Fred and my Fantail named Tiny Tim.
This post puts me over 200!

Fine. How you doin’? :wink:

Today, I bought some 1" galvanized pipe fittings at lunch time. I know, I know…calm down…

I can see a picture of my Little League baseball team from last year, in their Cincy Red’s uniforms.

I’m sequestered in a stagnant corner of the telephone company just toying with the idea of turning off all the data trunks in the northeast part of the country.

I can see nothing from my cramped 2 × 4 cube, so I’ve used an x-10 cam to feed a video image of the nearest window into a nearby monitor. When somebody turns on the microwave oven, it makes the picture go to hell.

It’s 45 minutes away from quitting time.


I’m fabulous.

I’ve just received gads of pics of my boyfriend and his roomies in an IM. The roomie bleached his hair today. It looks good!

The only red thing I can see right at this second is a red Mini Cooper in a picture stuck on the side of my monitor.

BNB how are ya dear? Today, I am perusing several “Business Associate Agreements” in an attempt to create such an agreement for my agency to use to secure “Business Associate Agreements” with other agencies so we may be compliant with the terms of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, also known as HIPAA. Who says I don’t have an exciting life! :smiley:

The red thing I see is… well a bunch of diskettes, a coaster, a book case full of Health and Safety Manuals with red spines and our company logo which is on a red background. Lotsa red to see here.


I came to the conclusion that if my company hired me yesterday, as opposed to 8 months ago, I would have accomplished the same amount of progress.

I see a red dictionary…

Well the morning’s journey was a bit stressful; the VPNs that I manage for 4 of our remote offices decided to go belly-up. Turns out 2 of the firewalls decided to “forget” the policies for the connections…harumpf. Problem solved, however, and the afternoon is going nicely. Looking forward to a 2nd date with a girl I’ve been friends with for awhile. :slight_smile:

As for something red…out the window I can see a boat with a flag that is partially red cruising down the Potomac. Makes me jealous! :slight_smile:


It’s now ten pm… the day’s journey is nearly over. I have slept late, gone to school late, tripped over a half-size model of a pirate ship, fought with my mother over my choice of career, painted my nails silver, and am now planning to go to bed.

I’m okay.

There is a red key on my keyboard, next to the Esc key. It’s labelled “PANIC” and in times of stress, I try and press it. Nothing happens, of course. It’s just nice to have a panic button.

Due to that whole “unemployed and broke as fuck” thing I have going on, I can proudly state that today’s major accomplishment was getting out of bed before 11 a.m.! Go me!! Although I did get a call from the Red Cross asking if I’d be available to help with tomorrow’s blood drive for a couple of hours.

The red thing would be my hair brush. Right in front of me, tucked protectively under the corner of my monitor.


Things are fairly OK. I saw my counselor today, for the first time in almost a month, and we discussed various issues, none of which I’m going to go into here, then came home and decided to file my taxes electronically, only to find out how screwed up some of the tax websites are, in terms of loading VERY slowly and it is snowing.

It’s April 3 and it’s snowing.

Not those small flakes either, no, these are the big fat, turn into a blizzard and dump 18 inches of snow while your back is turned type of flakes.

There is one of those M&M plastic dolls on the desk in front of me. he’s green and he’s wearing a red Santa hat.

Do you have pie?

I’m doing okay.

I had a very satisfying bowel movement this morning.

I see a red heart that is in place of the “O” in the following sentence on a little placard in my cube: WE LOVE RUNNING

Mostly fine, thanks.

I did exciting things like pay my council tax and add another bit field to a database. Then I had to have a lie down, just to get over all that excitement.

I can see my boxed set of “Hammer House of Horror” DVDs from here. That’s a restrained and tasteful red colour.

I’m tired. It’s only 1:15 in the afternoon, but I haven’t been sleeping all too well lately. It’s the fourth day of the first week of classes since spring break and I’m retraining myself to accept the idea that getting up before the sun rises is a good thing.

So far I’ve attended two classes, one discussion, had lunch, and am now ditzing around in the computer lab until my next class - which won’t be for another two hours, so I can leave just in time to catch the daily traffic jam.

There’s a red fire alarm on the wall just above my head, and someone behind me has a red backpack.


Today after work I went for a journey on my bike. I found a gihugic hill and freewheeled down it at in irresponsible speed. Hurrah!

The little red light on my modem is blinking.

I’m doin’ ok.

It’s been a very peaceful (boring) day at work today.

I can see a box of red wire nuts.

mmmmmm…wire nuts.

I woke up at the crack of 12:30 PM, got out of bed and ate a Hot Pocket. Then I answered email and was downloading karaoke versions of pop songs and messing with some accounting stuff when Tripler called me.

There’s a painting of a big red dragon that I did on my wall. :slight_smile:

I’ve not had the best day but it had its good points. I spent the whole day avoiding a teacher because an essay was late and he kindly gave me an extension, the my printer broke. It’s always breaking but i never say anything because it just sounds like a lame excuse. I just managed to fix it and printed 12 pages but it looks shit so i’m doing it again. My excuse is that i have a copy for revision now.

The last red thing i saw was my brothers new tattoo which he got today, he only just showed me. I really like it, its a red star in between two blue ones on his arm. Pretty!