What a day...

Today, at work, I have managed to:

[li]slice my wrist open with the serrated edge on the plastic wrap box[/li][li]bang my head against the towel dispenser [/li][li]burn my hand while heating up water[/li][li]spill flour on one part of the floor and mix on the other[/li][li]get a blister on my heel[/li][/ul]

I’m sitting down at home now, watching TV. And very, very carefully not touching anything.

Some days, you get the bear. Some days, the bear gets you. Sorry about that.

It sounds like you need pampering.

rubs feet and grabbing your your favorite book and a cup of chicken noodle soup

Want I should change the channel for you?

Here’s to a better night and a better day tomorrow. Either that or a more successful attempt at suicide, sweetie.

…wear that skimpy thong? Well…if I must…let’s see…my schwang goes…in the elephant’s trunk…

Ooof. That sucks.

By the way, are you free for a Doper dinner next Wednesday? An out-of-towner’s going to be around, and having dinner with Sunspace and Cerowyn (and me) at Rebel House.

If you could have spilled water between the flour and the mix on the floor, then…

I don’t know, that was going somewhere, but it just sounds messy now.

Hope tomorrow’s better!

Way, way better.

Would you like some homemade ice cream?

I promise it’s not wasabi mint. But it does have chocolate chips in it. :slight_smile:

Sounds nifty–where’s Rebel House and when’s the time?

Thanks, phouka and Mr Bus Guy. I’m okay now–just exhausted. I’m going to sample some chocolate-chip ice cream and try not to think about elephant’s trunks. :wink:

You’re TYPING!?!?! Are you crazy?!?!

I just wanted to add my condolences. I hope you have a better day tomorrow. (Also, when I saw the thread title, my brain’s cd player kicked on with, “What a day, what a day for an autodafe…” Maybe that would make you feel better?)

Probably nargles.

Glad you’re alright! You’ll have a better day tomorrow.

Today will be better. Have some chocolate. And here’s the link to the relevant thread.

If all that happened to you, and you’re here to tell the tale… Tomorrow will be better :slight_smile:

Just turn the big sky coolers on over there, will ya? I’m flying over tonight (yep, landing in Toronto) and I did not expect to be landing into the same temperatures as I’m leaving! :eek:

Hey, it’s not our–oh my God, you’re in Toronto??? frantically leafs through schedule

Thanks, Inner Stickler. I just patched up my wrist again and now I have an earworm. :stuck_out_tongue: Autolycus, are you blonde and short and oddly quirky but endearing?

Well, I could start headdesking over something and injure myself on the keyboard, I suppose.

Hope this day goes better for you, Kythereia! And do join us next Wednesday in our little Doper gathering. :slight_smile:

I think I would have given up and gone home for the day after burning myself. That and the preceding incidents would have made me go insane at that point if it all happened in one day. Problem is, I’d be afraid to drive home.

Yes, but encumbered by family that doesn’t believe in meeting “strangers” I’ve “met” on the internet :rolleyes: So no meeting Dopers on this trip for me. Maybe in the future. Now be a doll and turn the A/C on, will ya? :smiley:

Batting 50%! You can guess which :cool:

Hope things are going better for you today, Kyth.

It seens to be kinda nice out today, but a bit smoggy. At least the nights are cool.

Welcome to Toronto! Wanna join one of our little Doper gatherings? :: shameless plug ::

Edit. Bother, I just saw your reply. :frowning:

Hey, I’m not the one who posted a leading thread title. (I’m also really regretting lending my DVD of Candide to a friend now.)

:eek: You should’ve put that in a spoiler box. Do you want everybody to see you in your undies?

Kythereia, I hope today was better. You should see my kitchen after I cook–it looks like it’s been hit by a tornado. Spilling things is my specialty! And cutting myself, and burning myself. But usually not all in the same day.

Pancakes!!! Now all we need is some syrup.