Good evening everyone!

While I am new to SDMB, I do have to state that I am more of reader of posts than actual posting. That said, being a new member, my first question is, what do new members have to do to be accepted into the society of SDMB?

Also, I’d like to take this chance to greet everyone with a warm hello, and be a productive member of this board.

Many thanks!

If this isn’t strange spam, then boy do you have a lot to go through before you’re accepted. Somebody around here will introduce you to The Squid.

Hello, Bayesian and welcome.

Like anywhere else, just be yourself. If this place is for you, you’ll find you fit right in. If it’s not, you’ll feel the heat of a thousand quasars blistering your skin through your monitor.

We have a balm for that.

Good luck and see you around!

The Squid?

Hmm, a warm hello and wanting to fit in. I don’t trust this one.

No, more like THE squid. Do we still have THE goat, too?

Just nevermind the squid… it’s part of the usual hazing rituals. It’s the goats you should really be freaked out about.

Well, we had to get more goats. The last few spammers ruined the last one.

A 87% probability that I am dependable and trustworthy. Of course, you have to just trust your senses.
And thank you for the welcome!

Haw! He’s thanking us! For now.

Seriously, is there anything you’d like to know? I mean, other than about the squid and goats.

Nope! But thanks again. Just going to browse for a bit, and hopefully not fall asleep on the keyboard again. :slight_smile:

Just make sure you dispense with dogmatic prior distributions and you’ll get along just fine. :wink:

I’ve been raised in a more frequentist tradition, myself. So you can keep your credible intervals :). Theoretical reproducability is tenable, dammit!

Just kidding. Welcome to the board!

Hello. Hope you chat more–you seem like an interesting fellow.

Or, fellette?

Have we lost the whipped cream, stocks and banana?

When did we switch from lime Jell-o to whipped cream?

Welcome to the boards, BE – take your time, look around, read the forum descriptions, take a look at the rules and guidelines in ATMB (About This Message Board) – then relax, take a deep breath, and jump in. Despite a few crankypantses, we’re mostly a good-natured crowd.

You never complained about the whipped cream last time!
Waggles eyebrows

Hello Bayesian Empirimancer be welcome. Enjoy your stay. :slight_smile:

Dropping in to welcome you, Bayesian Empirimancer, (clever handle by the way that makes me curious if you dabble in statistics) and to let you know that getting a nice greeting from a good sized group of Dopers really helped me feel welcome when I jumped in seven years ago.

Hope it’s working that way for you!


Only we’ve run out of straws.