i have been reading this board over my friend’s shoulder for a while now. finally decided to join, for some intelligent conversation. or advice if i need it. i hope you like me, when you get to know me.

Welcome aboard. We’ll be looking forward to hearing from you.

The name’s cool for starters.

So a quick “hello and welcome” from a fellow rather-new-person.

There’s a shift key on each end of the keyboard.

Excellent name. Welcome!

Love your handle. Welcome aboard.

Pay no attention to my post count on the left. It start over when you reach 100,000.

And my registration date is a software glitch. It’s supposed to say June 1956.

Hope you stick around.

Welcome junkyardangel. I have been expecting you.

Yay! One more person to hear me scream all of my ideas on what really happened!!! Did you know that JFK shot himself?!?! The roswell alians set it up, you know, time travel and shit (hee hee, I think I scared off another one).

1991 Dodge Dakota 4x4 wheels.
Plain steel ones.
E-mail me.

Welcome to the boards junkyardangel.

It’s always great to get fresh meat…er…uh… new posters join this little message board.


[sub]please ignore the man behind the curtain, he knows not what he’s talking about[/sub]

Welcome to the boards! it’s always good to get fresh blood…er…fresh meat…er…ideas!! That’s it!

Just jump right in…the waters fine.

Thank you for your kind words of welcome. I’m sure i will enjoy each and every one of you. (My Great Aunt Iona taught me to write most properly.)
BTW, my personal junkyard is for my own edification and amazement. It contains no car parts. But, if anyone knows where i can get a set of, I think they are called baby bottom hubcaps for a 48 plymouth, let me know.

Welcome, JYA. Have you tried Hemmings Motor News?

Hey, thanks. I hadn’t seen that site.

The hubcaps you’re looking for are called baby moons.

And hello!

I frequently mistake the moon for a baby’s bottom. :confused
Did you see that huge behind in the sky last night? It was lovely.
But I’m cute.:smiley:

Oh my god, for a moment there, I thought Chernobyl the quadritesticular stone angel that lives in my backyard had come back to haunt me…


Pleasure to make your aquaintance, Junkyardangel. You’ll like it here. We’re all quite mad.



Hey there, junkyardangel.
Welcome. Pay no attention to the butler. He’s quite harmless. The strange noises you may here during the night are the er… pipes. Watch the dodgy floor boards, be sure to lock your door at night, and don’t get on the wrong side of Great Aunt Ethel.

We hope your stay is a long and pleasant one…

…and the strange spelling you may “here” is something to do with the plumbing as well.

But Auntie Ethel di…Oh, yes, I mean, no, don’t get on her wrong side.