One of us! One of us! [new member]

I happened on this site by accident. I LOVE you guys and your off-kilter philosophical humor. I belong to a local group here in Kansas City that also meets regulary to fill in gaps of human knowledge and solve the problems of the world!!! I know I have found a lot of kindred spirits here!! Look forward to participating as you continue your search for truth, justice, and the American way by accumulating all knowledge!
Best wishes,

Hi and welcome, markd222!

Rather than bumping an old thread on a different topic, I’ve split your post off to a new thread in our “miscellaneous” forum, so others can greet you.

Hope you enjoy your time here.

twickster, moderator

Be prepared for the squid. Oh I mean the hazing. Yes, be prepared for the hazing. And also the goat. Can’t forget the goat.


Does he know about the hookers and blow? He needs to know about the hookers and blow. When I joined, I didn’t know about the hookers and blow and man, was I screwed.

Oh of course, do you want the goat or the squid to enjoy the blow and the hookers, heh, you’ll figure that one out on your own.

Welcome, welcome!

I managed to forget the goat. And the squid.

Let me rephrase that.

I managed to forget about the goat and the squid.

Yes. That’s better.

I hardly ever need the drugs now.

Oh no!

THEY have discovered our soopersekret hiding place!

Now what are we supposed to do? Run and hide… again?

And why didn’t anyone even bother telling me about the goat and the hookers and blow?
Do y’all have some prejudices against extra-terrestrial observers?

Fake ETA: Oh yeah… uh… welcome, I guess.
Listen, um… try to clean up around yourself and don’t leave your clothes just draped over the furniture.
This here is a classy joint and we don’t cotton to messy people around these here parts.

So, watch yourself. If you need help ask anyone here. We will watch you for you so you don’t have to.

And have fun, if you must.

Welcome, mark! We’re harmless. Well, mostly. :wink: :cool:

You do know that this is a message board with participants from around the globe, don’t you?

And for the rest of you, it is my understanding that it’s the goat and the squid for newbies; it’s hookers and blow for us old-timers. Let’s try to remember that.

Welcome, markd222, and have a great time!

Hi markd! I hope you have fun here.

Why the fascination with Kirk Cameron’s nipples? I mean, why YOUR fascination? I have my own reasons, but they’re secret.

Welcome, markd222!

And before you ask, Thursday is your day in the barrel.

We accept him
We accept him
One of us
One of us!

[sips from huge goblet]

<Rummages through closet, tossing out assorted handcuffs, straight jackets, manacles, whips and thumbscrews>

I know that damn goat is in here somewhere!!

[cynic]Have you guys been slacking off or something?[/cynic]


Yeah, you haven’t even put a dent in Kansas’s problems, let alone the world’s.

It’s a trap! Run now! Don’t look back!
Too late. You’re stuck here. Come on in, the water’s fine. Some of it’s fine, some of it’s polluted, but it’s mostly fine. Well a little cold in some places, but only rarely scalding. So it’s still pretty fine. Except for some trash and… let’s just say stuff floating around. But aside from that it’s no problem, well except it smells. Pretty bad sometimes. But if you can ignore the smell, and the slimy things, did I mention the slimy things? Well, ok, so there are slimy things too. But aside from that, why are you talking about water? This is a message board. It’s not a very good start to go off on a tangent about filthy water. Try harder in your next thread. What day is this?

Hey I had no goat encounter and its been two months now, slackers

Who are you, Fibber McGee in disguise? :dubious:

So, we obviously need to toss markd222 and Capt Kirk into the DopeDome. The winner gets the goat.