Hell's Kitchen: Short mindless recap: Open Spoilers

Did anyone think the outcome would have or should have been any different? I actually liked Rock, and I thought his ending words and actions were actually quite humble. Plain and simple Ramsey is tasked with finding the best chef for the executive position at Green Valley Ranch. Rock was the clear choice in my opinion.

I wish he and his family all the best, and I hope to see him at his restaurant when the wife and I are in Vegas in November.

Does anyone think Julia was a little too bitchy? Does anyone think she may have worked just a little slower than usual for Bonnie?

Does anyone wish the finalists were Jen and Rock? How do you think that would have turned out? Same?

It’s always tough to tell what’s really happening, because of the heavy editing. I could tell that Rock was going to be the winner (not that it was that hard to guess) because of how many times they went to the “wife and kids” well. They kept playing clips of Rock talking about how he wanted it all for his family. After all, what more could a man want for his small children than to have them grow up in Las Vegas – just kidding: Despite all the arial shots of Bellagio and the MGM, Green Valley Ranch, located in Henderson NV, is about as close to Arizona as it is to the Strip. It’s like saying you’re getting a restaurant in Los Angeles and it turns out to be in Pomona.

In the actual competition, despite the attempts to portray a lot of tension on Bonnie’s team, the screw-ups on that side were all the result of poor planning on her part, running out of pasta, shrimp, etc… while on Rock’s side all of the problems seemed to stem from the incompetence of his crew, especially Josh. He said his big error was not winning first choice so he could have drafted Jen, but with second choice he could have picked Julia, who he had to know was a better cook than any of the guys.

Maybe there were aspects of Julia’s personality that were left on the cutting room floor, but she didn’t seem to have screwed up in the kitchen this season. After the entire run, as well as she did, and after what Ramsay had to say to her when she was eliminated, Both Bonnie and Rock left her at the end of the line, putting her just ahead of Josh, who seemed to be incapable of cooking anything right.

If she seemed to have an attitude, maybe it’s because she felt she did pretty well throughout the competition (and had that feeling confirmed by GR), yet the rest of the competitors continued to treat her as if she was barely capable of lighting a stove…

But I agree with Ramsey that Julia doesn’t have the food knowledge to run a fine establishment. Hopefully she’ll take up his offer of culinary school.

As for Rock, I didn’t really like him, and I sort of thought all the “Pray for me” comments were somewhat self-seeking. Still, better Rock than Bonnie. I agree that choosing Josh over Julia was a bad move. Not as bad as running out of food, though.

I think an interesting component to the show would be to tally up the kitchen profits for each service, along with diner’s comments and Ramsey’s assessment. After all, that’s what a restaurant is in business for. If you throw out half the food before it ever reaches the dining room, that’s a huge part of your profits in terms of food costs and man-hours paid for. They probably wouldn’t show that, though, because they wouldn’t want people to see how much over and above cost they’re paying for a meal.


I had been holding on for Bonnie, but then realized early in the finale that it would be Rock. Now, if he can just keep his temper under sufficient control to prevent himself from lobbing crab cakes at the cooks’ heads…

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Bonnie hung herself out to dry with the poor prep planning for her pasta dish. She ran out of both of the primary components :dubious: Had she not, the outcome may very well have been different.